Swiss – Disturbing The Peace 415 C.P.C


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1 Infusion 01:21
2 D.T.P. 415 03:41
3 Dis Here (Remix) 04:03
4 Check Yourself 01:22
Featuring – Don P.
5 Yall Not Ready 04:10
6 The Meeting 01:01
7 Cheez 04:18
8 Hot Shit 03:57
Featuring – 80 Proof, Chilee Powdah
9 Keep It Real 01:37
Featuring – Don P.
10 People Wanna Party 04:48
11 Visions 03:25
Featuring – Don P.
12 Can’t Be Faded 03:42
13 For My Hood 04:24
Featuring – Chilee Powdah
14 True Game 00:58
Featuring – Don P.
15 Fuckin Wit Tha Realist 02:38
Featuring – 80 Proof, G.P. Mackarelous
16 Janie 04:53
Featuring – G.P. Mackarelous
17 Exidous 02:08
Featuring – Don P.


“Disturbing The Peace 415 C.P.C” is the third studio album by rapper Swiss from Fairfield, California. Released in 2001 by Hole-N-1 Records, the album presents a mix of Pop Rap and Gangsta styles, showcasing Swiss’s versatility as an artist.

The album kicks off with “Infusion,” setting the tone for the rest of the record. Highlights include the titular track “D.T.P. 415,” the catchy “Dis Here [Remix],” and the party anthem “People Wanna Party.” Swiss collaborates with fellow artists 80 Proof, Chilee Powdah, and G.P. Mackarelous on tracks like “Hot Shit,” “For My Hood,” and “Janie,” creating a dynamic listening experience. Don P. lends his vocals to several tracks throughout the album, including “Check Yourself,” “Keep It Real,” and “Visions.”

Swiss’s ability to blend different rap styles in “Disturbing The Peace 415 C.P.C” demonstrates his talent as a rapper and his dedication to his craft. Although he has since moved to the Sacramento area and become involved in community work, Swiss continues to open shows for other rappers and remains an influential figure in the music industry.



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