Stevie Joe – The Best Of Stevie Joe Vol. 2


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1 Beast Mode 03:59
Featuring – Husalah, Philthy Rich
2 Pussy 2nite 04:35
Featuring – Philthy Rich, J. Stalin, Fleetwood Low
3 Ready 2 Ride 06:27
Featuring – Philthy Rich, Lil Blood, J. Stalin, Shady Nate
4 Stevie Joe 04:47
Featuring – 4rax
5 So Much Pain 04:43
Featuring – Philthy Rich, Rydah J Klyde, Matt Blaque
6 20 Floors 03:07
Featuring – Roach Gigz
7 So Serious 03:00
Featuring – Armani Depaul
8 Coolin 03:49
9 No Problem 03:16
Featuring – Lil Kev
10 Hit A Lick 04:23
11 No Credit 03:48
Featuring – Philthy Rich, Lil Blood, HD
12 Oakland To Akron 03:40
Featuring – Joe Blow, Young Bossi
13 Never Been The Same 04:11
Featuring – Philthy Rich, J. Stalin
14 On The Wire 03:43
Featuring – The Livewire Gang
15 Pen Chances 02:53


“The Best Of Stevie Joe Vol. 2” is a compilation album released by rapper Stevie Joe, hailing from Oakland, California. The album was released on November 18, 2014, by Livewire Records. This album features a collection of some of the best tracks by the rapper, with features from popular artists such as Husalah, J. Stalin, Philthy Rich, and more.

The album opens with “Beast Mode,” a heavy-hitting track featuring Husalah and Philthy Rich, setting the tone for the rest of the album. “Pussy 2nite” features a collaboration between Philthy Rich, J. Stalin, and Fleetwood Low, showcasing the chemistry between the artists. “Stevie Joe,” featuring 4rax, is a track that puts the spotlight on the rapper, highlighting his skills and unique style.

Other standout tracks include “So Much Pain,” featuring Philthy Rich, Rydah J Klyde, and Matt Blaque, which deals with the struggles and hardships that come with living in the streets. “Oakland To Akron,” featuring Joe Blow and Young Bossi, is a track that pays homage to the rapper’s hometown and showcases his storytelling abilities. The album ends with “Pen Chances,” a introspective track that features Stevie Joe reflecting on his life and career.

Overall, “The Best Of Stevie Joe Vol. 2” is a great introduction to the rapper’s music and serves as a testament to his talent and longevity in the rap game.



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