Stevie Joe – 420: The Album


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1 Eryday Is 420 02:57
2 Actavis & Moonrocks 03:12
Featuring – 4rAx
3 Swisher Sweet Flow 03:04
4 Elbow 03:10
5 Can U Hear Me 02:55
6 Stay High 02:54
Featuring – Armani Depaul
7 Let It Go 04:07
8 Smokeweedeveryday 04:52
9 Something About Mary 02:59
Featuring – Philthy Rich, Shady Nate


420: The Album is the sixth studio album by rapper Stevie Joe from Oakland, California. The project was released on April 20, 2015, by Livewire Records, a label Stevie Joe has been associated with for much of his career. The album features nine tracks, including collaborations with fellow Livewire labelmates Philthy Rich and Shady Nate, as well as 4rAx and Armani Depaul.

The album’s title and release date pay tribute to the 420 culture, a subculture of cannabis consumption that is celebrated on April 20th each year. The album’s content reflects this theme, with tracks like “Eryday Is 420,” “Actavis & Moonrocks,” and “Smokeweedeveryday.” However, the album is more than just a celebration of cannabis culture. Stevie Joe brings his signature West Coast rap style to the project, with smooth flows and hard-hitting beats throughout.

One standout track on the album is “Let It Go,” a collaboration with Philthy Rich that features a more introspective and personal side of Stevie Joe’s lyricism. The song touches on topics like family, loyalty, and the struggles of the music industry. Another standout is “Something About Mary,” a collaboration with Philthy Rich and Shady Nate that showcases the three rappers’ chemistry and knack for storytelling.

Overall, 420: The Album is a solid addition to Stevie Joe’s discography, and a testament to his ability to create music that blends catchy hooks and hard-hitting verses with themes that resonate with his listeners.



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