Spanky Loco – Tirando Y Rifando


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1 Intro 00:56
2 Tirando Y Rifando 04:09
Featuring – Humilde, Vandalismo, Spanto
3 El Producto 03:51
Featuring – 2 High
4 El Secuestro 01:50
Featuring – Revelde
5 La Neta 03:46
Featuring – Nasty Boy, Vandalismo
6 Por Que Hermanos 04:07
Featuring – Revelde
7 Tumbo Sesos 03:32
Featuring – Mago, Spanto, Vandalismo
8 En Las Calles 03:16
Featuring – Spanto, Vandalismo
9 Marijuana 04:41
Featuring – Nasty Boy, Spanto
10 En El Varrio 03:52
Featuring – Nasty Boy
11 Quieres Guerra 03:28
Featuring – Soldado, Vandalismo, Spanto
12 Vivo Por El Peso 03:59
Featuring – Soldado
13 El Big Man 03:11
Featuring – Humilde, Revelde


“Tirando Y Rifando” is an enthralling album by Los Angeles-based rapper Spanky Loco, released on December 9, 2017. Independently released by Spanky Loco, the album features collaborations with Humilde, Vandalismo, Spanto, 2 High, Revelde, Nasty Boy, Mago, and Spanto. With 13 tracks that encompass the spirit of Chicano rap, “Tirando Y Rifando” highlights Spanky Loco’s skills as an artist and his ability to collaborate with a diverse range of talents.

The album kicks off with a powerful “Intro” that sets the stage for the following tracks. The title track, “Tirando Y Rifando,” features Humilde, Vandalismo, and Spanto, showcasing a strong collaboration between these artists and delivering an energetic performance. “El Producto,” featuring 2 High, dives into the world of street hustle and ambition.

“El Secuestro,” featuring Revelde, is a thrilling tale of abduction, while “La Neta” brings Nasty Boy and Vandalismo into the mix, creating a raw and authentic Chicano rap sound. “Por Que Hermanos,” another collaboration with Revelde, explores the pain and struggles faced by brothers in the streets.

“Tumbo Sesos” features Mago, Spanto, and Vandalismo, offering a bold and unapologetic anthem for the streets. “En Las Calles,” with Spanto and Vandalismo, further explores life on the streets and the challenges that come with it. “Marijuana,” featuring Nasty Boy and Spanto, is a laid-back, smoky track that pays homage to the popular plant.

“En El Varrio,” featuring Nasty Boy, is a captivating track that delves into life in the neighborhood. “Quieres Guerra” brings Soldado, Vandalismo, and Spanto together for an explosive, confrontational track. “Vivo Por El Peso,” featuring Soldado, is a testament to the pursuit of money and success, while “El Big Man,” with Humilde and Revelde, closes the album with a powerful, assertive declaration.

“Tirando Y Rifando” is an impressive display of Spanky Loco’s talent and his ability to collaborate with diverse artists, offering a compelling and authentic Chicano rap experience.

Experience the powerful collaborations and authentic Chicano rap sounds in Spanky Loco’s “Tirando Y Rifando.”



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