Spanky Loco – Hoodcredibility


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1 Intro 00:33
2 So You Wanna Bang 03:54
3 Big Moves 03:43
4 What I Do 03:36
5 Still Gonna Get Ya 04:03
6 Wait Your Turn 03:48
7 How Gangsta Does It 03:58
8 Interlude 00:50
9 The Bombest 03:49
10 For That Dough 03:57
11 Drug Melody 03:54
12 That’s Cool 03:59


“Hoodcredibility” is a striking album by Los Angeles-based rapper Spanky Loco, released on February 17, 2017, under The Real 310 West Ent. The album features 12 tracks that highlight Spanky Loco’s unique style and authentic storytelling, delving into themes of street life, ambition, and the West Coast rap scene.

The album starts with a brief “Intro” before transitioning into “So You Wanna Bang,” a hard-hitting track that showcases Spanky Loco’s signature flow and gritty lyrics. “Big Moves” follows, boasting a catchy beat and detailing the rapper’s ambition and drive to succeed in the music industry. “What I Do” provides insight into Spanky Loco’s personal experiences and his dedication to his craft.

“Still Gonna Get Ya” is an aggressive anthem with a sinister edge, while “Wait Your Turn” serves as a warning to those looking to challenge Spanky Loco’s position in the rap game. “How Gangsta Does It” is a celebration of the West Coast lifestyle, paying homage to the region’s iconic rap sound.

The album features a brief “Interlude” before introducing “The Bombest,” a track that highlights Spanky Loco’s confidence in his skills and his place in the rap scene. “For That Dough” explores the allure of money and the hustle required to make it in the industry. “Drug Melody” delves into the darker aspects of street life, providing a gritty and authentic portrayal of the challenges faced by those involved. The album concludes with “That’s Cool,” a laid-back track that showcases Spanky Loco’s versatility and ability to switch between styles seamlessly.

“Hoodcredibility” is an engaging album that offers listeners a captivating journey through the world of West Coast rap, providing a genuine insight into the life and experiences of Spanky Loco, and solidifying his position as a talented and authentic artist in the genre.

Discover the gritty and authentic world of West Coast rap with Spanky Loco’s “Hoodcredibility.”



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