South Central Cartel – Welcome II L.A.


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1 Intro 00:13
2 G’z Run Da Blocc 2003 Version 02:05
Featuring – Z.N.
3 Movin 04:05
4 Thug Da Club 03:30
Featuring – Da Floc
5 Chuccz 04:33
6 Famous 04:24
7 Well Come II L.A. 04:24
8 Flash@Cash 04:09
Featuring – 40 Glocc, Bad Azz
9 So Many Words 04:27
10 So Good 03:42
Featuring – D.V.S
11 Playin Da Games 03:52
Featuring – G.Wayne
12 Ohh 03:37
Featuring – Mel’Low
13 After Hours – Original 03:53
Featuring – Micc Multie
14 Some Times – Original 03:05
15 Shak’em Off – G Mix 03:51
16 Don’t Trip 04:10
17 Hooka Hoe 03:54
18 West Coast 04:19
19 Niggaz In The Hood 04:59
Featuring – Da Floc


“Welcome II L.A.” is a phenomenal album by the legendary rap group South Central Cartel hailing from Los Angeles, California. Released on August 29, 2003, by Blue Dogg Recordz, this album is a powerful collection of G-Funk and gangsta rap tracks that transports listeners to the heart of L.A.’s vibrant hip-hop scene. Featuring collaborations with Z.N., Da Floc, 40 Glocc, Bad Azz, D.V.S, G.Wayne, Mel’Low, and Micc Multie, “Welcome II L.A.” showcases the group’s exceptional talent and ability to collaborate with other notable artists.

The album kicks off with an “Intro” that sets the stage for the electrifying tracks to follow. “G’z Run Da Blocc 2003 Version” featuring Z.N., adds a modern twist to the classic gangsta rap sound, while “Movin” is a testament to the group’s relentless pursuit of success. “Thug Da Club,” featuring Da Floc, is a pulsating track that is perfect for igniting the dance floor.

“Chuccz” and “Famous” delve into the group’s experiences navigating the world of fame and fortune. The title track, “Well Come II L.A.,” is a tribute to their beloved city and its influence on their music. “Flash@Cash” features the talents of 40 Glocc and Bad Azz, creating a standout collaboration that commands attention.

“So Many Words” showcases the group’s exceptional lyrical prowess, while “So Good,” featuring D.V.S, is a smooth and sultry track that highlights their versatility. “Playin Da Games” with G.Wayne and “Ohh” featuring Mel’Low add depth to the album with their unique sounds and captivating lyrics.

The album also includes original tracks like “After Hours” and “Sometimes,” demonstrating South Central Cartel’s commitment to their craft. “Shak’em Off – G Mix,” “Don’t Trip,” “Hooka Hoe,” “West Coast,” and “Niggaz In The Hood” featuring Da Floc, round out the album, solidifying its status as a must-listen for fans of West Coast hip-hop.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant sounds of South Central Cartel’s “Welcome II L.A.” and experience the West Coast like never before.

Experience the West Coast hip-hop scene with South Central Cartel’s “Welcome II L.A.”



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