South Central Cartel – SC Cartel Camp Presents Hood Favorites


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1 We Have The Right 00:35
2 The War Iz One 04:08
Featuring – 40 Glocc
3 So What U Sayin 06:50
Featuring – Ant Banks, Jayo Felony, MC Eiht, Sh’killa, Spice 1, Treach
4 My Hood Yo Hood 03:38
Featuring – Daz Dillinger
5 Ya Getz Clowned 03:17
6 South Central Madness 05:34
Featuring – 24KT, LP, The Powerlord Gel
7 Living Like Gangsters 03:17
8 Shake Em Off 03:53
9 Famous 04:00
10 Hood Iz Callin Me 04:24
Featuring – G. Wayne
11 U Gotta Deal Wit Dis 03:35
12 Gangsta Team 05:59
Featuring – 2Pac, Ice-T, MC Eiht, Spice 1
13 Gangsta Stories 04:50
Featuring – 3-2, Big Mike
14 It’s An SCC Thang 04:10
Featuring – The Chi-Lites
15 Skit – SC Hataz 00:41
16 4 Yo Ear 04:08
17 Da Gangsta Way 04:07
Featuring – Mic Multiee
18 Bacc Yard Boogie 03:55
Featuring – Detrimental


“SC Cartel Camp Presents Hood Favorites” is a compilation album by the influential rap group South Central Cartel from Los Angeles, California. Released in 2010, this limited-edition compilation features the best tracks from the group’s extensive discography, showcasing their signature thug rap and gangsta style. The album was self-released under the label Psycle Design and includes collaborations with renowned artists like 40 Glocc, Ant Banks, Jayo Felony, MC Eiht, Sh’killa, Spice 1, Treach, Daz Dillinger, and more.

The compilation opens with the powerful “We Have The Right,” setting the tone for the rest of the album. “The War Iz One,” featuring 40 Glocc, is a hard-hitting track that highlights the group’s lyrical prowess and ability to create compelling narratives. “So What U Sayin,” featuring an all-star lineup of artists, including Ant Banks, Jayo Felony, MC Eiht, Sh’killa, Spice 1, and Treach, showcases the group’s chemistry and collaboration with other prominent figures in the hip-hop community.

“My Hood Yo Hood,” featuring Daz Dillinger, is an anthem that celebrates the unique experiences and challenges of living in different neighborhoods. “Ya Getz Clowned” and “South Central Madness” demonstrate the group’s ability to create catchy hooks and memorable beats.

Other standout tracks include “Living Like Gangsters,” “Shake Em Off,” “Famous,” and “Hood Iz Callin Me.” “Gangsta Team,” featuring 2Pac, Ice-T, MC Eiht, and Spice 1, is a testament to South Central Cartel’s impact and connections within the hip-hop industry.

“SC Cartel Camp Presents Hood Favorites” is a must-listen for fans of South Central Cartel and anyone interested in exploring the roots of West Coast hip-hop. With its engaging beats and captivating lyrics, this compilation is a testament to the group’s lasting legacy in the world of rap music.

Discover South Central Cartel’s best tracks in the “Hood Favorites” compilation.



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