South Central Cartel – Concrete Jungle (Vol. 1)


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1 Concrete Jungle 04:03
2 No Man Shall I Fear 04:03
3 Break Bread 05:06
4 Costa Nostra 03:55
5 They Don’t Want It 03:50
6 All Day Long 03:53
Featuring – L.V.
7 Thug Disease 04:35
Featuring – C-Bo, Prophet, Spice 1
8 Huh What 03:49
Featuring – Daz Dillenger From Da Dogg Pound
9 Ride Till I Die 03:24
10 Made ‘N’ America 04:49
11 What You Waitin 4 04:13
12 Feelin How I’m Feel ‘N’ 04:33
13 Hit Me On My Pager (CD Bonus Track) 04:43


“Concrete Jungle (Vol. 1)” is the fourth studio album by the renowned rap group South Central Cartel, hailing from Los Angeles, California. Released on August 10, 1999, by Mouth Piece Entertainment, this album features a powerful fusion of gangsta rap and G-Funk styles that resonates with fans of West Coast hip-hop. With guest appearances by L.V., C-Bo, Prophet, Spice 1, and Daz Dillenger from Da Dogg Pound, “Concrete Jungle (Vol. 1)” showcases the group’s incredible collaborative spirit and ability to work with other talented artists in the industry.

The album opens with the title track, “Concrete Jungle,” setting the tone for the raw, unapologetic sound that follows. “No Man Shall I Fear” and “Break Bread” are hard-hitting tracks that highlight the group’s aggressive lyrical style and captivating storytelling. “Costa Nostra” and “They Don’t Want It” further display the group’s prowess in delivering memorable verses over catchy beats.

“All Day Long,” featuring L.V., is a smooth track that showcases the group’s ability to create both gritty and melodic tunes. “Thug Disease,” featuring C-Bo, Prophet, and Spice 1, is a standout collaboration that brings together a powerful lineup of West Coast rappers. “Huh What,” featuring Daz Dillenger, adds another layer of depth to the album with its infectious rhythm and unforgettable lyrics.

The album continues with “Ride Till I Die,” “Made ‘N’ America,” and “What You Waitin 4,” featuring uncredited appearances by Gangsta Wayne, Evil Skeem, and Young Dee. These tracks maintain the album’s high energy and strong sense of authenticity. “Feelin How I’m Feel ‘N'” and “Hit Me On My Pager,” the CD bonus track, round out the album with their catchy hooks and memorable verses.

“Concrete Jungle (Vol. 1)” is a must-listen for fans of South Central Cartel and the West Coast hip-hop scene. This album is a testament to the group’s talent and their undeniable impact on the genre.

Discover South Central Cartel’s powerful fusion of gangsta rap and G-Funk in “Concrete Jungle (Vol. 1).”



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