Soloc – Death Before Dishonor


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1 Intro 01:12
2 Soloc’s Coming 01:49
3 Long Beach City 04:53
Featuring – Roger Troutman
4 Definition Of A Nigga 04:34
5 One Six Hundred Homies 00:32
6 I Think (MFs Should Die) 03:50
7 The Love (I Have For You) 03:35
8 Money Talks (BS Walks) 04:21
Featuring – Kam
9 Party 01:26
10 Get In The Back 04:15
11 At The House 02:09
12 We Want It All 04:15
13 Orgasmic Pleasure 03:50
14 Futuristic 03:45
15 Nowhere To Hide 04:17
16 Fuck The Bad Cops 03:50
17 Death Before Dishonor 03:20
18 Long Beach City (Future Mix) 05:23
Featuring – DJ Quik
19 Exit 00:59


“Death Before Dishonor” is an incredibly rare album by rapper Soloc from Long Beach, California. Released in 1998 under Future West Records, this 19-track album features a blend of gangsta rap and West Coast hip hop, capturing the essence of the late 90s music scene.

The album is packed with collaborations from renowned artists such as Roger Troutman, Kam, and DJ Quik. Some standout tracks include “Long Beach City,” featuring the legendary Roger Troutman, “Money Talks (BS Walks)” with Kam, and the “Long Beach City (Future Mix)” showcasing DJ Quik’s prowess.

“Death Before Dishonor” takes listeners on a journey through the streets of Long Beach, with Soloc’s authentic storytelling and gritty lyrics. Songs like “Soloc’s Coming,” “Definition Of A Nigga,” and “One Six Hundred Homies” highlight the struggles and triumphs of life in the city, while tracks like “Party” and “Get In The Back” showcase the more lighthearted aspects of the West Coast lifestyle.

The album is executive produced by Elton Williams, with production by Rene Van Verseveld. Together, they create a cohesive sound that combines the classic West Coast hip hop sound with Soloc’s unique lyrical abilities.

For those looking to dive into the depths of Long Beach hip hop history, “Death Before Dishonor” by Soloc is an essential listen, providing a glimpse into the life and music of this rare and underrated artist.



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