Smoke – Come And Get Me


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1 Intro (Smoke’s In Yo Hood) 00:42
2 5150 04:31
3 Come And Get Me 04:32
4 Murder Capitol 05:08
5 Baby Gangsta 05:32
6 Sic Shit 04:08
7 Feva N Da Funkhouse 04:25


“Come And Get Me” is the only studio album by rapper Smoke, a.k.a. Kilo, from East Palo Alto, California. Released in 1994 by II FA 30 Records, this mini-album features a distinct Gangsta hip-hop style, reflecting the gritty atmosphere and street culture of the time.

With a total of 7 tracks, the album starts with an “Intro (Smoke’s In Yo Hood)” and takes listeners on a journey through Smoke’s world with tracks like “5150,” “Come And Get Me,” “Murder Capitol,” “Baby Gangsta,” “Sic Shit,” and “Feva N Da Funkhouse.” Each song showcases Smoke’s powerful storytelling and lyrical prowess, giving fans a genuine taste of the artist’s life and experiences.

The album’s copyright is held by II FA 30 Records, and it was distributed by SMG Solar Music Group. “Come And Get Me” was produced at Find A Way Studios and mastered at Rocket Lab, while the physical CDs were pressed by Rainbo Records. The album’s executive producers include Derrick N., Herb C., and Robert J., with co-production by Zep. The design was created by Phunky Phat Graph-X, and the photography and layout were handled by Victor Hall.

Under the skilled production of Stan Keith, Smoke’s (real name: Robert Gentry) compelling storytelling and raw talent are highlighted throughout the album. As an influential rapper from East Palo Alto, Smoke’s “Come And Get Me” is a captivating and authentic representation of the Gangsta hip-hop scene in 1994.



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