Sixx John – Moments


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1 Moments 02:51
2 Ghosts 04:06
Featuring – Ryu
3 Magic 05:15
Featuring – Bishop Lamont
4 Bartender 03:48
Featuring – Ne Yo
5 Gucci Bandana 03:17
6 Perfect Aim 03:46
Featuring – Ras Kass
7 All The Way 03:48
Featuring – Frankie J
8 My Love 03:54
9 Afraid 02:50
Featuring – Kip Blackshire, Auj
10 I’m Fallin 03:30
Featuring – Kip Blackshire
11 On Your Level 03:06
Featuring – Anthony Harrell
12 Ironic 04:31
13 So Shall I 04:39
Featuring – Samantha Faith
14 Cry 03:53
Featuring – Grady Harrell
15 Father’s Day 04:05
Featuring – Seven, Kymia
16 Gravity 03:29


“Moments” is a studio album by Los Angeles-based rapper, Sixx John. Released on July 3, 2014, the album features 16 tracks with collaborations from Ryu, Bishop Lamont, Ne Yo, Ras Kass, Frankie J, Kip Blackshire, Auj, Anthony Harrell, Samantha Faith, Grady Harrell, Seven, and Kymia.

The album showcases Sixx John’s impressive lyrical ability and unique flow. Tracks like “Ghosts” featuring Ryu and “Magic” featuring Bishop Lamont, provide a glimpse into Sixx John’s personal struggles and aspirations, while tracks like “Bartender” featuring Ne Yo and “All The Way” featuring Frankie J, demonstrate his ability to create tracks that are both catchy and relatable.

With its diverse range of collaborations, “Moments” highlights Sixx John’s versatility as an artist. Tracks like “Perfect Aim” featuring Ras Kass and “On Your Level” featuring Anthony Harrell showcase his ability to collaborate with other artists and create powerful tracks.

Overall, “Moments” is an impressive album that showcases Sixx John’s dedication to his craft and his unwavering commitment to his fans. With its raw lyrics and catchy beats, this album is a must-listen for fans of hip-hop and rap music.



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