Sir Jinx – Chastisement (Deez Days)


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1 Intro 02:56
2 All About Money 03:28
Featuring – Isaac Hayes
3 I Putz It Down 04:33
4 City Never Sleepz 03:06
5 No Love 00:28
6 Ain’t Givin’ Up No Love 04:14
7 Right Here 04:20
Featuring – Ray Shawn
8 Pic-A-Nic 03:41
9 Rally Park 03:42
Featuring – A.P., Chuck Daddy, Ray Shawn
10 Insert: Old School Robin Lench Iz Back (With A Twisted) 02:48
11 Who’z Da Man (Sir Jinx’s Theme Song) 04:55
12 Life Stylez 04:51
13 Sho-Nuff 03:56
14 Come Blaze Wit Me 03:22
15 Insert: Phone Call 00:16
16 Don’t Get It Twisted 03:54
17 Insert: Beaz & Nigz 00:53
18 Beaz & Nigz 04:16
19 Whoz Watching Who 05:43
Featuring – Madd K.D.
20 Free Your Mind 00:15
21 The Mindstate 05:13
22 Insert: Power To The People 00:54
23 Power To The People 05:13


“Chastisement (Deez Days)” is the debut studio album by the talented rapper and producer Sir Jinx from Los Angeles, California. Released on September 19, 1995, under the Raging Bull Records label, this groundbreaking album showcases Sir Jinx’s distinctive style and his ability to collaborate with other talented artists. The album features guest appearances by Isaac Hayes, A.P., Chuck Daddy, Ray Shawn, and Madd K.D., making it a star-studded compilation that captures the essence of the mid-90s gangsta hip-hop scene.

The 23-track album kicks off with the Intro, setting the tone for the musical journey ahead. Sir Jinx then joins forces with the legendary Isaac Hayes on “All About Money,” a track that highlights their undeniable chemistry. “City Never Sleepz” and “No Love” showcase Sir Jinx’s lyrical prowess, while “Ain’t Givin’ Up No Love” and “Right Here” (featuring Ray Shawn) demonstrate his ability to create catchy hooks and memorable choruses.

“Pic-A-Nic,” co-produced by Craze and featuring vocals by Gerald LeVert, adds a soulful touch to the album. The energy is ramped up with the collaborative track “Rally Park,” which features A.P., Chuck Daddy, and Ray Shawn. Sir Jinx pays homage to his roots with “Who’z Da Man (Sir Jinx’s Theme Song)” and continues to display his versatility with tracks like “Life Stylez” and “Sho-Nuff.”

The album comes to a close with powerful tracks like “The Mindstate” and “Power To The People,” leaving listeners with a strong sense of Sir Jinx’s artistic identity. Throughout “Chastisement (Deez Days),” Sir Jinx masterfully weaves together elements of gangsta rap, hip-hop, and soul, creating a cohesive and captivating album that stands the test of time. As the executive producer alongside Wesley Cullars, Sir Jinx ensures that his unique vision is brought to life in this unforgettable debut.

Anthony Desean Wheaton, better known by his stage name Sir Jinx, is an American hip-hop record producer and rapper hailing from Los Angeles, CA. He is a cousin of multi-platinum producer Dr. Dre, and his career began in the mid-’80s as a member of the group C.I.A. with Ice Cube and Kid Disaster. With “Chastisement (Deez Days),” Sir Jinx solidified his place in the hip-hop world, showcasing his extraordinary talents as both a rapper and a producer.

In summary, “Chastisement (Deez Days)” is a remarkable debut album that showcases Sir Jinx’s unique style, production skills, and ability to collaborate with other talented artists. This classic gangsta hip-hop album is a must-listen for fans of the genre and a testament to Sir Jinx’s lasting impact on the music industry.



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