Show N Tell – Deadly Game of Penmenship


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1 Royalty 03:50
2 Super Hyphy 04:18
Featuring – Tonto
3 How You Want It 04:07
Featuring – Tonto, Slip Capone
4 Bob & Weave 03:50
Featuring – Cass
5 Backwards Gun 02:37
Featuring – Tonto
6 Crispy 03:51
Featuring – Tonto, Cee Jai
7 Shake That 02:15
8 Ups & Downs 03:44
9 Jesus 03:48
10 Happy Father’s Day 03:39
11 I’m Swazie 04:25
Featuring – Hook
12 Information 04:11
Featuring – Hook
13 Famous 05:30
Featuring – Hook


“Deadly Game of Penmenship” is a captivating album by the rap group Show N Tell, hailing from Los Angeles, California. Released on October 9, 2012, by Cut Throat Entertainment, this album showcases the group’s versatile style, impressive lyrical skills, and ability to collaborate with a range of talented artists. The album features guest appearances by Tonto, Slip Capone, Cass, Cee Jai, and Hook, making it a diverse and engaging compilation of tracks that explore various aspects of the hip-hop genre.

The 13-track album kicks off with the powerful “Royalty,” setting the tone for the collection of dynamic tracks to follow. The energy continues to build with “Super Hyphy,” featuring Tonto, and “How You Want It,” which includes Tonto and Slip Capone, demonstrating the group’s talent for creating infectious collaborations.

“Bob & Weave,” featuring Cass, and “Backwards Gun,” with Tonto, showcase Show N Tell’s unique style and lyrical prowess. The album maintains its momentum with tracks like “Crispy,” featuring Tonto and Cee Jai, and “Shake That,” which highlight the group’s ability to craft catchy hooks and memorable choruses.

“Ups & Downs” and “Jesus” offer introspective moments, while “Happy Father’s Day” provides an emotional tribute. The album concludes with a trio of tracks featuring Hook, including “I’m Swazie,” “Information,” and “Famous,” each showcasing the incredible synergy between Show N Tell and their collaborators.

In summary, “Deadly Game of Penmenship” is a dynamic and engaging album that highlights Show N Tell’s diverse talents and ability to collaborate with other gifted artists. This collection of tracks provides a captivating listening experience that showcases the group’s unique approach to hip-hop and their undeniable skill in the genre.



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