Scrilla C – Anger In My Eyez


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1 Intro 00:56
2 Watch Me 04:07
3 Guess Who 03:41
4 Cause I Got Cha 03:00
5 Say It To My Face 03:49
6 The Struggle 04:00
7 Spit Like Dis 03:30
8 Woke Up 01:11
9 Way I Do It Now 03:18
10 Injected Wit Da Siccness 03:48
11 Bossin It Deep 03:45
12 Do It Like I Do 03:11
13 Need No Love 03:13
14 Flex 03:32
15 Stompin 03:42
16 Switch Lanes 03:58
17 Wont Fall 04:06
18 Aint Cha Average Rapper 03:58
19 Outro 01:52
20 They Call Me C 03:01


“Anger In My Eyez” is a project by Gilroy, California-based rapper Scrilla C, released on November 9, 2006, under Younglife Productionz. The album features 20 tracks, showcasing Scrilla C’s talent for delivering hard-hitting verses and catchy hooks, backed by engaging beats.

The album kicks off with an “Intro” that sets the tone for the project. “Watch Me” follows with an energetic beat and confident lyrics, while “Guess Who” demonstrates Scrilla C’s storytelling abilities. “Cause I Got Cha” and “Say It To My Face” bring the heat with catchy hooks and assertive performances.

“The Struggle” offers a more introspective look at the challenges faced by the rapper, while “Spit Like Dis” showcases his rapid-fire delivery and impressive wordplay. “Woke Up” serves as a short but impactful interlude, leading into “Way I Do It Now,” which highlights Scrilla C’s growth as an artist.

The album continues with “Injected Wit Da Siccness,” “Bossin It Deep,” “Do It Like I Do,” and “Need No Love,” showcasing the rapper’s versatility and commitment to his craft. “Flex,” “Stompin,” and “Switch Lanes” provide high-energy tracks that are sure to get listeners moving, while “Wont Fall” and “Aint Cha Average Rapper” offer a deeper look at Scrilla C’s resilience and determination.

The album concludes with the “Outro” and the bonus track “They Call Me C,” leaving listeners with a strong impression of Scrilla C’s unique style and undeniable talent.



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