Scoota Thomas – My Turn


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1 Dayz I Live 04:35
2 Deadly-N-Raw 04:28
3 Tangaray And 7 Up 03:55
4 Manchase 03:28
5 Hoetalez 04:44
6 My Turn 03:25


“My Turn” is an extremely rare EP by Phoenix-based rapper Scoota Thomas, released in 1998. This EP, distributed by Dirty Dawg Recordz, has become a coveted item for collectors and hip-hop enthusiasts due to its limited availability and unique sound. The 6-track EP showcases Scoota Thomas’s G-funk and gangsta rap style, with all tracks produced by Michael A. Muhammaed.

The EP begins with “Date I Live,” a track that reflects on the challenges and struggles of life, highlighting Scoota Thomas’s storytelling abilities and smooth flow. His lyrics paint a vivid picture of life in the streets, supported by a melodic G-funk instrumental.

“Deadly-n-raw” follows, a hard-hitting gangsta rap track that displays Scoota Thomas’s lyrical prowess and aggressive delivery. The beat is both gritty and captivating, providing the perfect backdrop for the rapper’s confident and assertive rhymes.

“Tangaray And 7Up,” the third track on the EP, offers a more laid-back vibe, showcasing Scoota Thomas’s versatility as an artist. The song features a catchy hook and a groovy instrumental, making it an ideal track for cruising and chilling.

“Manchase” brings the energy back up with a pulsating beat and relentless rhymes. Scoota Thomas delivers a powerful performance, illustrating his talent as a rapper and his ability to command attention.

The penultimate track, “Hoetalez,” explores the complexities of relationships and the realities of street life. The song features a catchy, melodic hook and smooth verses, demonstrating Scoota Thomas’s talent for storytelling and songwriting.

The EP concludes with the title track, “My Turn,” a declaration of Scoota Thomas’s arrival on the rap scene. His confident and assertive delivery, combined with a dynamic beat, makes for a fitting end to this rare and cherished release.



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