Sav Syndicate – They Ain’t Likin’ That


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1 They Ain’t Likin’ That 04:56
2 Keep It Cold 04:08
3 Ride On Me 05:42
4 Day One 03:35
5 What Type Of Nigga 05:15
6 Desperado 04:15
7 Ghetto Games 04:36
8 Hub In The Club 04:38
9 For My Own 04:33
10 Ghetto Life 07:38
11 Scrilla Chasin’ 04:40
12 One Life 2 Live 04:31


Sav Syndicate’s debut studio album “They Ain’t Likin’ That” was released in 2000 by Sav Records. The album features a gritty West Coast gangsta rap style, with hard-hitting beats and lyrics that focus on street life, drugs, and violence.

The opening track “They Ain’t Likin’ That” sets the tone for the album, with its menacing beat and aggressive rhymes. Other standout tracks include “Keep It Cold,” “Desperado,” and “Scrilla Chasin’.”

“They Ain’t Likin’ That” was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Spark Studio in Oakland, California. The album was well-received by underground hip-hop fans and helped establish Sav Syndicate as a respected name in the Bay Area rap scene.



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