Rylo Rodriguez – Before The Album


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1 We All 03:55
2 Every Move 01:47
Featuring – CAP
3 Court Dates 03:40
4 Freedom 02:20
5 Showing Love 03:15
6 Instant 03:21
7 Jackboy 03:07
8 Demons 02:43
9 Flag 03:16


“Before The Album” is a dynamic mixtape by Mobile, Alabama-based rapper Rylo Rodriguez, released on November 8, 2019. The project serves as a prelude to his upcoming album and showcases his distinctive flow and storytelling ability, which has quickly gained him recognition in the rap scene.

The mixtape features nine hard-hitting tracks, each demonstrating Rylo’s versatility as a rapper and his innate talent for creating catchy hooks and memorable verses. “Before The Album” is a collection of songs that capture the essence of Rylo’s style, blending raw lyricism with emotive storytelling.

The opening track, “We All,” sets the tone for the mixtape with its introspective lyrics and captivating beat. “Every Move,” featuring CAP, follows with its infectious rhythm and collaborative energy. “Court Dates” showcases Rylo’s storytelling abilities, delving into his experiences with the legal system.

“Freedom” is a reflective track that touches on the theme of liberation, while “Showing Love” is an ode to loyalty and the importance of supporting one’s community. “Instant” and “Jackboy” are energetic tracks that highlight Rylo’s ability to create memorable hooks, and “Demons” is a raw and honest exploration of personal struggles. The mixtape concludes with “Flag,” a powerful anthem that showcases Rylo’s determination and ambition.

Overall, “Before The Album” is a compelling project that demonstrates Rylo Rodriguez’s immense talent and potential as a rapper. With its diverse range of tracks, engaging storytelling, and unique style, this mixtape is a must-listen for fans of Southern hip-hop and those seeking an authentic rap experience.



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