Ronald Mack & Mayback – The Sit Down With DJ Racks


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1 Slim Jesus 05:04
2 Go Get Me A Bag 03:29
3 Close Range 02:49
4 Woke Up 02:16
5 What It Is 03:29
6 Fuck Love 02:30
7 Bounce That 02:59
8 2.5 04:29
9 Point To Prove 04:29
10 Homicide 02:44
11 Whippin In My Kitchen 03:03
12 All We Smoke Is Dope 03:16
13 How I’m Rockin 03:12
Featuring – San Quinn
14 Spray Cans 02:21
15 Get Wett 03:22
16 Ko 04:47
17 Murk Again 02:43
18 Break The Kut Back 02:11


“The Sit Down With DJ Racks” is a captivating mixtape project from Oakland rappers Ronald Mack and Mayback, self-released on July 1, 2016. This dynamic duo showcases their exceptional talent and distinctive rap styles throughout the mixtape, which consists of 18 tracks filled with engaging beats and memorable hooks.

The mixtape opens with “Slim Jesus,” setting the tone for a collection of songs that cover a range of topics, from ambition and determination to love and street life. Some standout tracks on the project include “Go Get Me A Bag,” “Close Range,” “Woke Up,” “Fuck Love,” and “Bounce That.” Each track demonstrates the rappers’ ability to create catchy tunes while delivering powerful verses that resonate with listeners.

One of the highlights of the mixtape is “How I’m Rockin,” which features an appearance by renowned rapper San Quinn, adding a unique flair to the project. The mixtape’s production incorporates a mix of hard-hitting beats and atmospheric sounds that perfectly complement the rappers’ confident and authentic lyrics.

“The Sit Down With DJ Racks” is a testament to the skill and creativity of Ronald Mack and Mayback, who have crafted a mixtape that captures the essence of Oakland’s vibrant rap scene. This project serves as a shining example of the talent and passion that drives these artists, leaving listeners eager for more.



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