Richie Rich – Greatest Hits


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1 Don’t Do It 04:06
2 Rodney The Geek 04:29
3 Female F.E.D 04:05
4 The Mic Is Mine 04:27
5 Tic Tac 00:59
6 Media Hype 04:15
7 Together 03:33
8 Snitches & Bitches 04:43
9 Lifestyle As A Gangsta 03:36
10 415 05:44
11 Five MC’s 03:53
12 Side Show 03:51
13 Ruthless Is Reality 05:46
14 Making Records 04:05


“Greatest Hits” is a compilation album that highlights the best work of Oakland rapper Richie Rich, released on April 25, 2000, by Big League Records, Inc. This compilation brings together 14 of Richie Rich’s most iconic tracks, showcasing his lyrical prowess, catchy hooks, and memorable beats that have made him a staple in the hip-hop community.

The album features a diverse collection of songs that capture the essence of Richie Rich’s unique style and talent. Notable tracks include “Don’t Do It,” “Rodney The Geek,” “Female F.E.D,” “The Mic Is Mine,” “Snitches & Bitches,” “Lifestyle As A Gangsta,” “415,” and “Side Show.” The project contains songs from the 415 debut album “41Fivin” as well as Richie Rich’s solo debut album “Don’t Do It.”

One particularly interesting inclusion is “Making Records,” which first appeared on the EP “Geeks Revenge (Rodney),” released in 1990. This track serves as a testament to Richie Rich’s enduring influence on the rap scene, even after three decades.

“Greatest Hits” is an essential collection for fans of Richie Rich and those looking to explore the best of Oakland’s hip-hop scene. This album offers a comprehensive look at the rapper’s most influential work, providing a perfect introduction to his distinctive sound and style.



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