Ray Guevara – Roll Model


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1 Roll On (Intro) 01:32
2 On It 03:13
3 They Know 03:03
4 Mr. Benjamin 03:32
Featuring – Dspitta
5 Show Me Love 03:26
6 Can’t Fuck With Me 04:18
7 High Till I Die 02:03
8 Time To Shine 02:31
9 Ride 03:07
10 Don’t Hate The Player 03:38
11 Something Big 02:43
12 Tomorrow Ain’t Promised 02:58


“Roll Model” is a compelling project by Fairfield, California rapper Ray Guevara, released on August 14, 2015, under the Diamond Umbrella label. This 12-track album showcases Ray Guevara’s distinct style and exceptional skills in the Hip Hop genre, blending infectious beats with meaningful lyrics.

The album begins with “Roll On (Intro),” setting the stage for Guevara’s exploration of various themes throughout the project. “On It” and “They Know” exhibit the rapper’s energetic flow and lyrical prowess, while “Mr. Benjamin” features a collaboration with fellow artist Dspitta, adding a new dimension to the album.

Songs like “Show Me Love” and “Can’t Fuck With Me” demonstrate Guevara’s confidence and charisma, while tracks such as “High Till I Die” and “Time To Shine” provide introspective looks into the rapper’s life and aspirations. The album continues with “Ride,” “Don’t Hate The Player,” and “Something Big,” keeping listeners engaged with catchy hooks and memorable verses.

“Roll Model” concludes with the thoughtful track “Tomorrow Ain’t Promised,” reminding listeners of the importance of living in the moment and making the most of every opportunity. This project offers a well-rounded listening experience that appeals to a broad range of Hip Hop fans and solidifies Ray Guevara’s position as a promising artist in the music industry.



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