Rated X – And Then Came Rated X


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1 Rated X Intro (Eh Ah) 01:57
2 Swift Lift Vocalist 03:55
3 The Ruff Stuff 04:01
4 Check 1,2 03:15
5 Freestyle 01:25
Featuring – Hassan
6 Rated X Is 2 03:18
7 Are You Ready 00:04
8 Movin’ On Up 03:57
9 Be Cool To Your Girl 04:07
10 Law Of Groovity 03:36
11 Make Some Noise 04:11
12 Cool Breeze Of All MC’s 05:30
13 Pump It 02:36


“And Then Came Rated X” is the debut studio album by rap group Rated X from East Palo Alto, California. Released in 1990 by Tandem Records, the album showcases the group’s unique style and impressive lyrical abilities. Featuring a blend of energetic beats and catchy hooks, “And Then Came Rated X” captures the essence of early 90s hip-hop and highlights the talents of Cap’N Crunch (aka C-Funk), Cool Breeze, and DJ Ajax.

The album features 13 tracks, kicking off with the Rated X Intro (Eh Ah) and continuing with songs like “Swift Lift Vocalist,” “The Ruff Stuff,” “Check 1,2,” and “Freestyle.” Standout tracks such as “Movin’ On Up” and “Make Some Noise” display the group’s ability to create infectious grooves while delivering thought-provoking lyrics. “And Then Came Rated X” also includes tracks that encourage listeners to be mindful of their relationships, such as “Be Cool To Your Girl” and “Law Of Groovity.”

Manufactured by Tandem Records, the album features production and writing by Marcus McKinley, with additional editing by Cameron Paul and Tony Valera. Cameron Paul and Haim Zion serve as the executive producers, while Vontallio Carter handles mixing and engineering. The cover design is credited to R. Nevarez, and photography is provided by Bob Jacobs.

As the debut album for Rated X, “And Then Came Rated X” serves as an introduction to the group’s unique sound and style. Its diverse tracklist and memorable lyrics make it a noteworthy addition to the early 90s hip-hop landscape.



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