R.O.A. – Ready 4 Anythang


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1 Intro Ready 2 Anythang 05:46
2 Ghetto Life 04:37
3 All About That Green 04:30
4 How To Get Away 03:26
5 Busted 03:52
6 Livin On The Edge 04:44
7 How Hard 04:24
8 Street Made 04:18
9 Tear Stains 03:43
10 Clownin 02:23
11 Deep Down 03:45
12 Recognize 03:23
13 Livin In The Ghetto 02:44
14 Tricks 03:32
15 Stayin Up 03:45
16 G Bang 04:24


“Ready 4 Anythang” is the second studio album by Birmingham, Alabama rap group R.O.A. Released in 1997 under Chip Records, this album showcases the group’s raw talent and ability to blend gritty storytelling with hard-hitting gangsta rap beats. The album highlights the realities of street life, survival, and the pursuit of success while navigating a harsh environment.

The album features 16 tracks, each providing a unique perspective on the challenges and triumphs experienced by the group. Standout tracks like “Ghetto Life,” “All About That Green,” and “Livin On The Edge” capture the essence of R.O.A.’s powerful lyricism and solid production.

Engineered by Dennis R. Montford and Kevin Nalls, and produced by Mr. Dre and Company, “Ready 4 Anythang” delivers a well-rounded sound that showcases the group’s undeniable chemistry. The album also highlights the individual talents of group members Calmdown, Drew, Gangster Grim, and Lebaron.

Executive-produced by Clinton Harris, “Ready 4 Anythang” has a cohesive and polished sound that remains relevant in the world of hip-hop. The album’s vivid storytelling and hard-hitting beats create a captivating listening experience that showcases R.O.A.’s talent as a rap group.

With its authentic portrayal of life on the streets and the group’s undeniable talent, “Ready 4 Anythang” remains a significant release in the hip-hop landscape, offering a unique insight into the experiences of R.O.A. and their powerful messages.



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