Penthouse Players Clique – Paid The Cost


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1 N-Trance 00:55
2 Undaground Boss 05:21
3 Chekmate 05:02
4 Trust No Bitch 05:02
Featuring – AMG, D.J. Quik, Eazy-E
5 U Cain’t Check Me 02:29
6 Jealous Knukle Heads 01:00
7 Jus 2 Kēp Yō Attenchun 04:39
8 P.L.F. 04:13
9 Blak Iz A Poet 05:36
10 Explanation Of A Playa 04:29
11 They Don’t Know 03:52
12 Nathen’s Changed 04:37
13 P.S. Phuk U 2 03:24
Featuring – D.J. Quik
14 Smooth 05:17
15 Handle Yo Bizness 02:24
16 Pimp Lane 03:32
17 X-It 00:54


Paid The Cost, the one and only studio album by Los Angeles-based rap group Penthouse Players Clique, was released on April 28, 1992, by Priority Records and Ruthless Records. The album features guest appearances by prominent artists such as AMG, D.J. Quik, and Eazy-E, showcasing the group’s impressive connections within the hip-hop community.

The 17-track album is infused with the gangsta rap style that was prevalent in the early ’90s. It kicks off with the introductory track “N-Trance,” followed by “Undaground Boss,” setting the tone for the album. One of the highlights is “Trust No Bitch,” a collaboration with AMG, D.J. Quik, and Eazy-E, which showcases the group’s lyrical prowess and smooth production.

Other notable tracks include “U Cain’t Check Me,” which features Rob “Fonksta” Bacon on keyboards, “Jus 2 Kēp Yō Attenchun,” produced by P.P.C. and D.J. Battlecat with vocals by D-Nasty, and “They Don’t Know,” which features bass and guitar by Stan “I Wanna Be Jimi” Jones. The album concludes with “X-It,” leaving listeners with a lasting impression of Penthouse Players Clique’s unique sound and style.

Paid The Cost was recorded and mixed at Skip Saylor Recording Studio A, with additional recording at Audio Achievements in Torrance, CA. The album was mastered at Bernie Grundman Mastering, ensuring high-quality sound throughout. The artwork and design direction for the album were handled by Dino Paredes, with the logo created by Cartoon.

Though Penthouse Players Clique only released one album, Paid The Cost stands as a testament to the group’s talent and contribution to the early ’90s gangsta rap scene, making it an essential listen for fans of the genre.



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