Paul Allen & Lil Rue – Ten Toes Down


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1 Intro 00:08
2 Chose Up 04:41
3 Livin This Life 04:07
Featuring – Young Lox, Sonny Forecast
4 Closer To Me 03:44
5 Not A Model 03:57
6 Ten Toes Down 04:11
Featuring – Young Bossi
7 Its Alright 02:47
Featuring – Starski
8 How We Do 02:32
9 Touchdown 04:23
Featuring – Young Lox
10 Like This 02:44
11 Following The Money 04:44
Featuring – Young Lox, Joe Blow
12 I Want It All 03:37
Featuring – Young Lox
13 Dope 04:32
Featuring – Henn Sippa


“Ten Toes Down” is a dynamic collaboration album by Oakland rappers Paul Allen and Lil Rue, released in 2011 under the Livewire Records label. The album features 13 tracks that showcase the artists’ undeniable chemistry and skill, with guest appearances from Young Lox, Sonny Forecast, Young Bossi, Starski, Joe Blow, and Henn Sippa. “Ten Toes Down” is a testament to the talents of these North Oakland rappers, delivering an engaging listening experience for fans of West Coast hip-hop.

The album begins with a brief but impactful intro, setting the stage for the first full track, “Chose Up.” The song introduces listeners to the unique style and flair that Paul Allen and Lil Rue bring to the project. “Livin This Life” features Young Lox and Sonny Forecast, who contribute to the track’s reflective and introspective atmosphere.

“Closer To Me” is a smooth, melodic offering that showcases the rappers’ versatility, while “Not A Model” delivers a catchy, upbeat vibe. The title track, “Ten Toes Down,” featuring Young Bossi, captures the essence of the album’s theme: resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

“Its Alright” features Starski and offers an uplifting message, while “How We Do” demonstrates the rappers’ ability to create memorable hooks and verses. “Touchdown,” featuring Young Lox, is an energetic track that showcases the artists’ passion for their craft.

“Like This” is a laid-back, head-nodding track, followed by “Following The Money,” which features Young Lox and Joe Blow. The song focuses on the relentless pursuit of success and wealth. “I Want It All,” another collaboration with Young Lox, is an ambitious and aspirational anthem for those chasing their dreams.

The album closes with “Dope,” featuring Henn Sippa, leaving listeners with a powerful and memorable finale. Overall, “Ten Toes Down” is an impressive collaboration between Paul Allen and Lil Rue that highlights the best of Oakland’s hip-hop scene.



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