Pat Lowrenzo & Killa Tay – Paper Politicians


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Disc 1

1 What’s Tha Difference?? 04:54
2 2 Cali G’s (Intro) 00:15
3 2 Cali G’s 04:13
4 One Mo’ Hit (Intro) 00:11
5 One Mo’ Hit 03:46
Featuring – A 2 DaK
6 Luv Me 04:30
Featuring – Knowledge Bone, Jacklyn Marie, Mestiza
7 Paper Politicians 04:31
8 I’m Wit It 05:25
9 The Epitome 04:56
Featuring – Knowledge Bone, DoBad, Mahem
10 Hyphy Smoke’n 03:35
11 We Get The Party Started!! 04:39
12 Let Yourself Go (Hurricane Dance) 05:20
13 The Way We Dance 04:07
Featuring – Poe Devil
14 Expose A Snitch (Intro) 00:24
15 Expose A Snitch 03:41
16 California 04:53
Featuring – DoBad, YOBZ
17 Get Yo Paper 04:16
Featuring – Bigg Boyy Cliff, YOBZ

Disc 2

1 California [Chopped & Screwed] 05:45
2 Expose A Snitch [Chopped & Screwed] 04:13
3 The Way We Dance [Chopped & Screwed] 03:59
4 Let Yourself Go (Hurricane Dance) [Chopped & Screwed] 03:48
5 Luv Me [Chopped & Screwed] 05:19
6 What’s Tha Difference?? [Chopped & Screwed] 04:54
7 We Get The Party Started!! [Chopped & Screwed] 04:58
8 I’m Wit It [Chopped & Screwed] 06:28
10 Paper Politicians [Chopped & Screwed] 04:58
11 2 Cali G’s [Chopped & Screwed] 04:08
12 One Mo Hit [Chopped & Screwed] 03:48
13 Get Yo Paper [Chopped & Screwed] 05:00
14 Hyphy Smoke’n [Chopped & Screwed] 04:12


“Paper Politicians” is a double album collaboration between rappers Pat Lowrenzo from Stockton, CA, and Killa Tay from Fresno, CA. Released on December 12, 2006, by P-Boyy Records, the album brings together two distinct voices and styles from California’s rap scene. The first disc contains original tracks, while the second disc features “Chopped & Screwed” versions of the same songs, offering fans a unique listening experience.

The album begins with “What’s Tha Difference??” and quickly transitions into “2 Cali G’s (Intro)” and “2 Cali G’s,” a powerful showcase of Pat Lowrenzo and Killa Tay’s synergy. “One Mo’ Hit (Intro)” and “One Mo’ Hit” featuring A 2 DaK keep the energy going.

“Luv Me” slows things down, featuring Knowledge Bone, Jacklyn Marie, and Mestiza, followed by the title track, “Paper Politicians.” “I’m Wit It” and “The Epitome,” featuring Knowledge Bone, DoBad, and Mahem, provide more engaging collaborations.

The party vibe picks up with “Hyphy Smoke’n,” “We Get The Party Started!!,” and “Let Yourself Go (Hurricane Dance).” “The Way We Dance,” featuring Poe Devil, and “Expose A Snitch (Intro)” and “Expose A Snitch” showcase more of the duo’s versatility. The first disc concludes with “California,” featuring DoBad and YOBZ, and “Get Yo Paper,” featuring Bigg Boyy Cliff and YOBZ.

The second disc offers fans a fresh take on the original tracks with “Chopped & Screwed” versions. These slowed-down, remixed songs provide a unique listening experience and highlight the duo’s adaptability.



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