O.G. Bobby Wilson – Life Ain’t


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1 Life Ain’t (Radio) 04:25
2 Life Ain’t (Instrumental) 04:44
3 That’z My Life (Street) 04:19
Featuring – Big Arch, Mista Mac
4 That’z My Life (Instrumental) 04:15


“Life Ain’t” is a maxi-single released in 1999 by Los Angeles, California rapper O.G. Bobby Wilson under the Y.O.L.O label. This four-track release features two main songs, “Life Ain’t” and “That’z My Life,” along with their respective instrumental versions.

The title track, “Life Ain’t,” is produced by Kenny McCloud and O.G. Bobby Wilson. The radio version of the song delves into the harsh realities of life, touching on the struggles and challenges faced by individuals in tough urban environments. The instrumental version of the track showcases the beats and production skills of Kenny McCloud and O.G. Bobby Wilson.

“That’z My Life” is the second song on the maxi-single, featuring guest appearances from Big Arch and Mista Mac. Produced by Rhythm D, this street version of the track offers insight into the personal experiences and emotions of O.G. Bobby Wilson, Big Arch, and Mista Mac, reflecting on the unique stories that shape their lives. The instrumental version of “That’z My Life” highlights Rhythm D’s production expertise and provides a solid foundation for the rappers’ introspective lyrics.

This maxi-single is a perfect introduction to O.G. Bobby Wilson’s music, showcasing his lyrical prowess and ability to collaborate with fellow artists and producers to create a memorable and thought-provoking listening experience.



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