Nocando – Severed


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1 Severed 05:00
Featuring – Dream Panther, Jimetta Rose
2 Salty 03:39
3 El Camino 03:56
4 Wize’s Words 00:33
Featuring – Otherwize
5 Bodied 03:01
Featuring – Ghetts
6 Mykraphone Myk 05:16
7 Say Yes 03:32
8 Useless 03:49
Featuring – Slug Of Atmosphere
9 Villain 03:20
Featuring – Troop
10 Sick 04:05
Featuring – Tru, Aceyalone
11 Sus Lord 03:39


Severed, released on May 26, 2017, is a project by Los Angeles-based rapper Nocando, known for his unique style and thought-provoking lyrics. Released under the Hellfyre Club label, the album features a variety of guest appearances, including Dream Panther, Jimetta Rose, Otherwize, Ghetts, Slug of Atmosphere, Troop, Tru, and Aceyalone.

The project begins with the title track, “Severed,” featuring Dream Panther and Jimetta Rose, setting the stage for the introspective journey that unfolds throughout the album. “Salty” follows with its catchy beat and clever wordplay, while “El Camino” explores Nocando’s personal experiences and emotions.

“Wize’s Words,” a short interlude featuring Otherwize, leads into the powerful collaboration with Ghetts on “Bodied,” showcasing their lyrical prowess. “Mykraphone Myk” demonstrates Nocando’s ability to craft a compelling narrative, while “Say Yes” delves into the complexities of relationships and decision-making.

The collaboration with Slug of Atmosphere on “Useless” brings a fresh perspective to the album, while “Villain,” featuring Troop, dives into the darker side of Nocando’s psyche. “Sick,” a track with Tru and Aceyalone, combines the talents of these seasoned rappers to create a memorable experience. Finally, “Sus Lord” wraps up the project with a confident and unapologetic declaration of self-awareness.

Severed stands out as a cohesive and introspective project by Nocando, solidifying his place in the underground hip-hop scene. The album’s diverse range of guest features adds depth and variety to the listening experience, making it a must-listen for fans of the genre.



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