Murder One Gangster – Exposed To The Game


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1 Act Nutty 03:58
2 P.A. Thang 04:52
3 Thang To Do 04:21
4 As A Youngsta 05:07
5 Homicidal Niggas 04:45
6 Takin’ No Sh__ 04:51
7 Smoove 04:17
8 Stop Sweatin’ Me 06:05
9 Peep Game 04:49
10 Doing My Part 05:25
11 Wake Up 04:42


“Exposed To The Game” is the debut album by rap group Murder One Gangster (M.O.G.) from East Palo Alto, California. Released in 1992 by Murder One Records, the album showcases the raw energy and talent of the group members Kaos, Top Dog, and Sean T, who came together in 1989. C-Funk is also often credited as an official member of the group. The album’s style is deeply rooted in gangsta rap, with hard-hitting beats and powerful lyrics reflecting the experiences of the group members.

The album features 11 tracks, beginning with the high-energy “Act Nutty” and continuing with songs like “P.A. Thang,” “Thang To Do,” and “As A Youngsta.” The record also includes thought-provoking tracks such as “Homicidal Niggas” and “Wake Up,” as well as groove-driven songs like “Smoove” and “Stop Sweatin’ Me.” “Exposed To The Game” highlights M.O.G.’s versatility and unique sound, making it a standout addition to early 90s hip-hop.

“Exposed To The Game” was recorded at Find A Way Studios and Funk Lab, with engineering by Dave Christian and Stan Keith. The album was mastered by Kenneth Lee at Rocket Lab and pressed by Rainbo Records. Executive producer Pedro Membreno and producer C-Funk contributed to the album’s production, while Dave Christian handled the mixing. The album’s copyright is held by Murder One Records, and the tracks are published by One Gangster Music.

As the debut album for Murder One Gangster, “Exposed To The Game” serves as a bold introduction to the group’s raw and powerful style. The album has left a lasting impression on the early 90s hip-hop scene and remains a classic example of the gangsta rap genre.



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