Mr. Criminal – Ryder Muzic


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Disc 1

1 Intro 00:53
2 Side 2 Side 04:31
3 Young, Brown And Dangerous 04:08
4 I Take Respect 03:29
Featuring – Lil’ Flip, Mr. Silent
5 Ryder Muzic 04:36
6 Skit 00:47
7 Mami Mira 03:51
Featuring – Mr. Capone-E, Nate Dogg
8 Where’s The Party 03:16
Featuring – Triple C
9 Dippin & Rollin 03:48
10 The Plot 02:19
11 Until They Stop Me 03:46
Featuring – Espanto, Lil Cuete
12 I Inhale 04:23
Featuring – Blazer, Ese Villen
13 West Coast Shit 03:37
Featuring – Frank V., Mr. Silent
14 Sounds Of Summertime 03:32
Featuring – Roscoe
15 I Need A Ryder Girl 03:52
16 What’s My Name? 04:35

Disc 2

1 Intro 00:12
2 Get My Clown On 03:12
3 Skit 01:10
4 Be Like Us 03:25
Featuring – Ese Villen
5 Ain’t Nothing Better Than Summer 04:01
Featuring – Mr. Capone-E
6 My Style As A Criminal 03:55
7 Way To Sick 03:31
Featuring – Bozo, Soldier Ink
8 And My Heat Goes 01:52
Featuring – Lil Cuete
9 Bad News Part Two 03:13
Featuring – Soldier Ink
10 Can’t Hold Me Down 03:54
11 Do It Big 04:34
Featuring – El Dominio
12 Gangster Love 03:28
13 High Down The Blvd. 06:11
14 I Remember 04:04
15 I’m Just Rydin 03:57
16 She’s A Freak 04:02
Featuring – Lazie Bone, Stomper


Ryder Muzic is a double studio album by Los Angeles-based rapper Mr. Criminal, released on July 31, 2007, under Hi Power Entertainment and PMC Music Group. This gangsta and G-funk influenced album features a star-studded lineup of artists, including Lil’ Flip, Mr. Silent, Mr. Capone-E, Nate Dogg, Triple C, Espanto, Lil Cuete, Blazer, Ese Villen, Frank V., Roscoe, Bozo, Soldier Ink, El Dominio, Lazie Bone, and Stomper.

The 32-track project kicks off with an intro featuring DJ AK on the talkbox, followed by “Side 2 Side,” setting the tone for the album. Throughout the project, Mr. Criminal showcases his prowess as a producer, crafting tracks like “Young, Brown And Dangerous,” “I Take Respect,” and “Dippin & Rollin.”

Notable collaborations include “Mami Mira” featuring Mr. Capone-E and the legendary Nate Dogg, “Where’s The Party” with Triple C, and “I Inhale” featuring Blazer and Ese Villen. Frank V. and Mr. Silent join Mr. Criminal on the catchy “West Coast Shit,” while Roscoe adds his flavor to “Sounds Of Summertime.”

Mr. Criminal pays homage to his style on “My Style As A Criminal” and expresses his need for a partner in crime on “I Need A Ryder Girl.” The album concludes with “She’s A Freak,” featuring Lazie Bone and Stomper, produced by Teflon.

With a mix of party anthems, introspective tracks, and gangsta rap, Ryder Muzic showcases Mr. Criminal’s versatility and talent as a rapper and producer, making it a must-listen for fans of West Coast hip-hop.



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