Mojack – Mojack Daniels


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1 Intro 01:28
2 Thug Games 04:26
Featuring – Fam
3 Smokin & Livin’ Lavish 03:47
4 Situations WHY? 04:59
Featuring – Rank ‘N’ Screw
5 Double Jeopardy 05:07
Featuring – Starskee
6 Village Of The Damned 03:54
Featuring – A-Plus, Silk-E
7 What Do You See? 03:46
Featuring – Fam, Sean Sexton
8 Still In The Bed Wit’ You 03:40
Featuring – M.O.N.T.
9 Underwada Boogie 04:02
Featuring – A-Plus, Caution, Fam, Pep Luv
10 Penitentiary Letter #13 03:40
Featuring – Fam
11 Ghetto Clouds 04:15
Featuring – Ty-Stick
12 Blame It On Me 04:07
13 Times Have Changed 03:58
Featuring – Silk-E
14 You And I 03:56
Featuring – Fam, Fletch
15 Guerillaz, Killaz, & Dope Dealaz 04:18
Featuring – Ty-Stick
16 Stay Out My Lane 04:38
Featuring – Marte Bo, Rue
17 Outro 02:31


“Mojack Daniels” is the debut self-titled album by the rapper from Oakland, California. Released on July 24, 2006, by Folding Paper Legit Entertainment, the album offers a captivating glimpse into the rapper’s raw talent and unique style. With 17 tracks, Mojack Daniels combines various elements of hip-hop to create a distinctive sound that resonates with fans of the genre.

The album opens with an “Intro” that sets the stage for the hard-hitting tracks that follow. “Thug Games,” featuring Fam, is a powerful track that showcases Mojack Daniels’ ability to deliver catchy hooks and thought-provoking verses. “Smokin & Livin’ Lavish” and “Situations WHY?” featuring Rank ‘N’ Screw, further demonstrate the rapper’s storytelling capabilities and skill in delivering memorable lines.

“Double Jeopardy,” featuring Starskee, and “Village of the Damned,” featuring A-Plus and Silk-E, highlight Mojack Daniels’ versatility as an artist, while tracks like “What Do You See?” featuring Fam and Sean Sexton, “Still in the Bed Wit’ You” featuring M.O.N.T., and “Underwada Boogie” featuring A-Plus, Caution, Fam, and Pep Luv, exhibit his unique sound.

“Penitentiary Letter #13,” featuring Fam, “Ghetto Clouds,” featuring Ty-Stick, and “Blame It On Me” continue to showcase Mojack Daniels’ impressive flow and clever wordplay. “Times Have Changed,” featuring Silk-E, “You and I,” with vocals from Fam and Fletch, and “Guerillaz, Killaz, & Dope Dealaz,” featuring Ty-Stick, further solidify the rapper’s standing as a force in the hip-hop scene.

The album concludes with “Stay Out My Lane,” featuring Marte Bo and Rue, and “Outro,” leaving listeners with a lasting impression of Mojack Daniels’ talent and potential in the hip-hop world.



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