Miz Matthews – Livin’ The Life Of Vogue


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1 Interlude #1 02:45
Featuring – J. Spencer
2 Vogue 05:33
Featuring – Third Raill Vic
3 I Come Correct 04:09
4 Really Tho 04:01
5 Interlude #2 01:15
6 Jock Me Not 07:02
Featuring – Head, Konfusion, Mica B, Phenomenon
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7 Rhythm And The Rhyme 03:51
8 Don’t Ever Go Away 04:47


“Livin’ The Life Of Vogue” is an incredibly rare and highly sought-after mini-album by Oakland rapper Miz Matthews, released in 1997 by Lay-Wah Records & Entertainment. This gem of a record showcases Miz Matthews’ versatility and unique style, combining the G-Funk genre with her distinct lyrical abilities. The album features a total of eight tracks, including various interludes and collaborations that enrich the listening experience.

The album opens with “Interlude #1,” a 2-minute, 45-second track co-produced by Sonny B, featuring J. Spencer and Derrick Hall. The saxophone accompaniment by J. Spencer creates a smooth introduction to the album. Following this is “Vogue,” the popular single featuring Third Rail Vic, with backing vocals by Dee Green. The track, produced by Mike D and Sonny B, perfectly captures the essence of G-Funk, combining catchy hooks with impressive verses.

“I Come Correct” is the third track on the album, produced by Fred Harper. This song demonstrates Miz Matthews’ ability to deliver sharp lyrics and strong beats, solidifying her presence in the hip-hop scene. “Really Tho” is up next, co-produced by Mike D, who also lends his vocals to the track.

“Interlude #2” serves as a brief intermission, with Ice Cream Hill co-producing the 1-minute, 14-second track alongside Fred Harper. “Jock Me Not” follows, featuring a variety of artists including Head, Konfusion, Mica B, and Phenomenon. Mike D produces and plays instruments on this 7-minute track, with Damon Dollar Ray providing the chorus.

The album continues with “Rhythm and the Rhyme,” a track produced by Derrick Hall, who also contributes to the chorus and instrumentation. Finally, “Don’t Ever Go Away” concludes the album, with Derrick Hall, Mike D, and Vernon Hall on the chorus and Derrick Hall on production and instruments.

“Livin’ The Life Of Vogue” is a testament to Miz Matthews’ talent and potential in the world of hip-hop. This rare and sought-after album has become a collector’s item, cherished by fans of G-Funk and Miz Matthews alike.



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