MikQuis – Hard Head Sacrifice


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1 Sacrifice 03:06
2 M.O.E 03:44
3 Maybe If 04:26
4 Chasing Me 03:30
5 Cry For Me 05:43
Featuring – Lucci Lu, M.A.G
6 Just A Minute 04:03
7 Ride Or Die Music 04:34
8 Hard Head Ent 05:05
Featuring – Desi P
9 My Section 04:18
Featuring – M.A.G
10 Psalms 23 03:59
11 I Don’t Know 03:20
12 Outside 03:34
Featuring – Brittany Gray
13 Loser 03:35
Featuring – Mike Willion
14 I Tried To Tell ‘Em 03:23
15 Your Bitch 04:01
16 Never Enough 04:27
Featuring – Milyce Kennedy, Desi P
17 All I Do 03:52
Featuring – Lil Fabe
18 Gotta Go 03:53
Featuring – Milyce Kennedy
19 Hussle Do The Talking 03:34
20 Never Fail 05:12


“Hard Head Sacrifice” is a mixtape by Mobile, Alabama rapper MikQuis, released on August 25, 2017, through Enrun Enterprise. This project features a total of 20 tracks and includes collaborations with various artists like Lucci Lu, M.A.G, Desi P, Brittany Gray, Mike Willion, Milyce Kennedy, and Lil Fabe.

The mixtape begins with the introspective track “Sacrifice,” setting the tone for the entire project. Throughout the mixtape, MikQuis touches on themes such as personal struggles, loyalty, and determination. He showcases his storytelling skills and lyrical prowess, drawing listeners into his world and experiences.

“Hard Head Sacrifice” features several collaborations that add depth and variety to the project. Standout tracks include “Cry For Me” featuring Lucci Lu and M.A.G, “Hard Head Ent” featuring Desi P, and “My Section” featuring M.A.G. MikQuis also collaborates with Brittany Gray on “Outside,” Mike Willion on “Loser,” and Milyce Kennedy and Desi P on “Never Enough.”

MikQuis’s mixtape encapsulates his journey, sacrifices, and the dedication it takes to make it in the music industry. The project offers a diverse range of emotions and vibes, from the upbeat “M.O.E” to the introspective “Psalms 23.”

“Hard Head Sacrifice” stands as a strong representation of MikQuis’s talent as a rapper and storyteller, giving listeners a glimpse into his life and experiences. This mixtape is a testament to the thriving hip hop scene in Mobile, Alabama, and the rich talent it possesses.



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