Mhisani – Call It Like I See It


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1 Humping 04:12
2 Y.O.U.T.H. (Young Oakland Unemployed Teenage Hustlers) 06:03
3 Midnight Rendevous 05:22
4 Call It Like I See It 04:24
5 Do It Till It Hurts 05:16
6 This Is Home 04:41
Featuring – Richie Rich
7 High 04:23
8 Prostitute 06:45
9 Momas’ Baby Daddys’ Maybe 04:56
10 Just Because Ya Black 04:09
11 Listen (Remix) 04:23
12 You Can’t Tell Me A Damn Thang 05:09
13 A Big O Thanks 04:05


“Call It Like I See It” is the debut studio album by Oakland, California rapper Mhisani, also known as Goldy. Released in 1991 under the Timbuktu Creations label, the album showcases Mhisani’s unique style and lyrical prowess in the hip-hop genre. With 13 tracks, “Call It Like I See It” delves into various aspects of Mhisani’s life and experiences, offering a genuine and compelling listening experience for fans of hip-hop.

The album kicks off with “Humping,” followed by “Y.O.U.T.H. (Young Oakland Unemployed Teenage Hustlers),” a track that highlights the struggles faced by young people in Oakland. Mhisani continues to tackle various themes throughout the album, including relationships, life in his hometown, and social issues. One notable track is “This Is Home,” which features additional rap by Richie Rich, a fellow Oakland rapper and collaborator.

“Call It Like I See It” is produced by a team of talented individuals, including DJ Macaroni, DJ Mikey Mike, John Rhone, M. Stewart, Mhisani himself, and O. Haynes. The album also features a remix of “Listen” by The 7, adding another layer of depth to the project.

As Mhisani’s debut studio album, “Call It Like I See It” serves as a solid introduction to his distinctive sound and artistry. With thought-provoking lyrics and catchy beats, the album resonates with fans and critics alike, setting the stage for Mhisani’s successful career in the hip-hop scene under the Goldy moniker.

“Call It Like I See It” is not only a reflection of Mhisani’s personal experiences but also a testament to his talent as a rapper and a songwriter. With its powerful storytelling and memorable tracks, the album remains an essential listen for fans of Oakland hip-hop.



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