Menajahtwa – Cha-Licious


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1 Breaka 03:29
2 Cha-Licious 03:57
3 Neva Krepp 04:09
4 Just Tha Bitch N Me 04:22
Featuring – Leicy Loc
5 Kuz Itz Like Dat 04:55
Featuring – Gangsta Dresta
6 La La La 05:46
7 Do What Chu Gotta Do 04:34
8 Break 00:13
9 Back 2 Da OG 03:52
Featuring – Eazy-E
10 I Aint Nasti 03:52
11 Giv Tha Azz 2 No 1 04:46
12 Kickin Azz 03:24
Featuring – B.G. Knocc Out
13 Kumin Attrackshun 04:46
14 Kruz Wit Me 03:50
15 Da Laz Shit 02:18
Featuring – Gangsta Dresta
16 Outro 01:10


“Cha-Licious” is the one and only studio album by the female rap duo Menajahtwa, consisting of Spice and Royal-T, who hail from Compton, California. Released on August 23, 1994, by Ruthless Records, the album features a mix of gangsta rap and West Coast hip-hop styles.

The album contains 16 tracks, opening with “Breaka” and followed by the title track “Cha-Licious.” “Neva Krepp” features co-production by Don “D-Dawg” Spratley. “Just Tha Bitch N Me” includes a guest appearance by Leicy Loc, while “Kuz Itz Like Dat” features Gangsta Dresta and production by DJ U-Neek. “La La La” has backing vocals by Traci Nelson and production by Rhythm D.

“Do What Chu Gotta Do” is followed by a short “Break” before the album continues with “Back 2 Da OG,” featuring legendary rapper Eazy-E. “I Aint Nasti” is produced by Rhythm D, and “Giv Tha Azz 2 No 1” includes saxophone by George Shelby. “Kickin Azz” features B.G. Knocc Out, while “Kumin Attrackshun” once again sees co-production by Don “D-Dawg” Spratley. The album wraps up with “Kruz Wit Me,” “Da Laz Zhit” featuring Gangsta Dresta, and the “Outro.”

The album was executive-produced by Antoine “Yella” Carraby and Eric “Eazy-E” Wright, with Yella also contributing as the main producer. The album was recorded and mixed by Donovan “Tha Dirt Biker” Sound and mastered by Brian “Big Bass” Gardner.

“Cha-Licious” showcases the talents of Menajahtwa, highlighting their strong presence in the male-dominated world of ’90s hip-hop with their unique style, powerful lyrics, and captivating beats.



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