Mellow Man Ace – The Brother With Two Tongues


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1 What’s It Take To Pull A Hottie (Like You?) 04:22
2 Brother With Two Tongues 04:59
3 Linda 04:27
4 Babalu Bad Boy 03:44
5 Gettin’ Funky In The Joint 04:12
6 Hypest From Cypress 06:03
Featuring – Krazy Dee, Sen Dog, Tomahawk Funk
7 Funky Muneca 04:58
8 Boulevard Nights 04:41
9 Me La Pelas 03:48
10 Ricky Ricardo Of Rap 04:40
11 Welcome To My Groove 05:58
12 Mellow Says Hello 04:16
13 Time To Get Busy, Busy 04:01


“The Brother With Two Tongues” is the highly anticipated second studio album from Los Angeles-based rapper Mellow Man Ace. Released on May 25, 1992, by Capitol Records, this album showcases Mellow Man Ace’s unique Jazzy Hip-Hop style, with his smooth flow and bilingual rhymes. It is a classic hip-hop album that displays Mellow Man Ace’s versatility and skill as a rapper, leaving a lasting impact on the genre.

The album features collaborations with talented artists like Krazy Dee, Sen Dog, and Tomahawk Funk. With a total of 13 tracks, this album includes hit singles like “What’s It Take To Pull A Hottie (Like You?)” and “Linda,” which are well-loved by fans of the genre. These tracks showcase Mellow Man Ace’s ability to create catchy hooks and memorable melodies that resonate with listeners.

Produced by a variety of talented producers, including Bronek Wroblewski, Larry (D.J. Muggs) Muggerud, and Julio G, “The Brother With Two Tongues” is a testament to the diverse range of influences and sounds that have shaped Mellow Man Ace’s music. The album was recorded at various locations such as Image Recording Studios, Echo Sound, and Digital Sound Recording, providing the perfect backdrop for the rapper’s distinctive style.

Standout tracks like “Babalu Bad Boy” and “Boulevard Nights” demonstrate Mellow Man Ace’s ability to seamlessly blend different musical styles, from jazz-infused hip-hop to more traditional rap sounds. With a strong focus on storytelling and lyricism, the album takes listeners on a journey through the experiences and emotions of the rapper’s life.

“The Brother With Two Tongues” has been praised for its originality and creativity, solidifying Mellow Man Ace’s status as a pioneer in the world of hip-hop. With its blend of bilingual lyrics, innovative production, and collaborations with iconic artists, this album is a must-listen for fans of the genre and a testament to Mellow Man Ace’s enduring influence on the hip-hop scene.



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