Mel-Low – It’s A B.G. Thang (Life Of A Youngster)


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1 B.G. Thang (Remix) 03:42
2 No Love 03:40
3 In The Hood 03:50
4 Life Of A Youngster 04:28
5 Money, Houses And Clothes 03:48
Featuring – Prode’je
6 Blaze It Up 04:04
Featuring – Redman
7 Liquor Store 01:30
8 My City 03:44
9 Make It Through Another Day 04:43
10 B.G. Thang 03:48
11 The Day I Die 03:35
12 Lord Have Mercy 04:24


“It’s A B.G. Thang (Life Of A Youngster)” is the debut album by Compton, California rapper Mel-Low, released on December 5, 1995, by Poppa “C” Records and Rush Associated Labels. The album features a mix of gangsta rap and hardcore hip-hop, reflecting Mel-Low’s experiences growing up in Compton.

The album opens with the “B.G. Thang (Remix)” and features other standout tracks such as “No Love,” “In The Hood,” “Life Of A Youngster,” and “Money, Houses And Clothes.” Throughout the album, Mel-Low collaborates with various artists like L.V., Prode’je, and Redman. The album also includes production by Redman and Rockwilder on tracks like “Blaze It Up,” “My City,” and “The Day I Die.”

Mel-Low, whose real name is Melvin Moore, offers a raw and authentic representation of life in Compton through his lyrics and storytelling. The album’s music videos also provide a glimpse into the rapper’s world, with a notable cameo by Orlando “Baby Lane” Anderson, the person believed to have killed Tupac, in the video for “Blaze It Up.”

“It’s A B.G. Thang (Life Of A Youngster)” showcases Mel-Low’s unique voice and talent as a rapper, providing listeners with a vivid portrayal of the struggles and triumphs of life in Compton. The album remains a testament to Mel-Low’s contributions to the West Coast hip-hop scene and a must-listen for fans of the genre.



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