Mausberg – Non Fiction


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1 Non-Fiction 02:55
Featuring – Six Million, Squeek
2 Ring King 03:28
3 We Ain’t Done Yet 03:47
Featuring – Dresta
4 Get Nekkid 04:00
Featuring – DJ Quik
5 Tha Truth Is… 04:05
Featuring – DJ Quik
6 Y2K 04:04
7 Any Way U Want 2 04:53
Featuring – James DeBarge, Suga Free
8 Mad Like A Pit 03:59
Featuring – Six Million
9 No More Questions 04:24
Featuring – DJ Quik
10 Busta 04:29
11 I Can Feel That 03:55
Featuring – AMG, Crawf Dog
12 Bank On It 03:59
Featuring – 2nd II None, Playa Hamm
13 Mushrooms 04:05
14 Pimpalistics 03:19
15 Dick Ain’t Free 02:10
16 My Life Goes On 04:40


“Non Fiction” is the debut and only studio album by Compton, California rapper Mausberg. Released posthumously on October 17, 2000, by Sheppard Lane Music, the album showcases Mausberg’s unique talent and potential in the Gangsta Hip Hop scene.

The 16-track album features collaborations with renowned artists such as DJ Quik, Six Million, Squeek, Dresta, James DeBarge, and Suga Free. Notable tracks include the opening track “Non-Fiction,” “Ring King,” “We Ain’t Done Yet,” and “Get Nekkid,” showcasing Mausberg’s distinct lyrical prowess and style.

DJ Quik serves as the executive producer of the album, contributing to the production of several tracks and collaborating on multiple songs. The album was recorded at Tha Hospital, Skip Sailor Studios, and Burnside Studios, while being mastered at GKS Entertainment.

“Non Fiction” is a testament to Mausberg’s potential as a Hip Hop artist, which was tragically cut short by his untimely death on July 4, 2000. Nonetheless, the album remains an essential listen for fans of Gangsta Hip Hop and a significant contribution to the West Coast Hip Hop scene of the early 2000s.



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