Marlon Money – Ghetto Life


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1 En’trow 00:14
2 Hoo Can Eye Truss? 04:15
Featuring – K-Dog, Deuce Life
3 Hambone 03:46
Featuring – Jamiel Hassan
4 Pop Wit Mee 03:19
Featuring – K-Dog, D.J. Lash
5 Ghetto Ly’fe 05:13
Featuring – LaJoi, K-Dog
6 Mi Eyez 04:08
7 Bahdee Bang 04:04
Featuring – Njhsanni (Ju-Sa-Nee)
8 Tha Blooz 04:24
9 Ain’t Godda Tuch U 04:11
Featuring – Young Rick, Loc-G, K-Dog, El Nenyo
10 Hymm Oar Mee 04:58
Featuring – Wonder
11 Saulty Teers 07:03
Featuring – Lenny Williams of Tower Of Power
12 Ev-Re-E 04:19
Featuring – K-Dog, Munip, Milliak
13 Iff U Won’t Mee 2 04:38
14 Ma Nutt Sack 04:11
15 Field Niggaz 04:07
Featuring – Holy Qu’ran, Caprice, El Nenyo, Trigga, 20 Sak
16 All Black 04:40
17 The Lass Daze 03:00
18 The Messige 00:41


“Ghetto Life” marks the debut studio album by Oakland-based rapper Marlon Money, released in 2001 under Hazel Vision Music. With its G-Funk style and authentic storytelling, the album offers a raw and unfiltered look at the experiences and emotions of those living in the urban environment.

The album features 18 tracks, with Marlon Money both performing solo and collaborating with a roster of talented artists like Deuce Life, K-Dog, Jamiel Hassan, D.J. Lash, La Joi, Njhsanni, Lenny Williams, Wonder, Milliak, Munip, 20 Sack, Caprice, El Nenyo, Holly Quran, and Trigga. These collaborations enrich the album’s sound and bring a sense of depth and variety to the listening experience.

“Ghetto Life” kicks off with the “En’trow,” an engaging introduction that sets the tone for the rest of the album. Songs like “Hoo Can Eye Truss?” and “Hambone” showcase Marlon Money’s lyrical skills and ability to create catchy hooks. The album’s title track, “Ghetto Ly’fe,” features K-Dog and La Joi, offering a captivating narrative about life in the streets of Oakland.

Other standout tracks include “Mi Eyez,” a soulful introspection, and “Saulty Teers,” featuring Lenny Williams’ powerful vocals. “Field Niggaz,” a collaboration with multiple artists, delves into the harsh realities faced by those in urban communities. The album closes with “The Messige,” leaving listeners with a powerful and thought-provoking message.

Throughout “Ghetto Life,” Marlon Money demonstrates his prowess as a rapper, songwriter, and producer. His dedication to his craft is evident in the quality of the album’s production and the captivating storytelling that has become his signature style.

“Ghetto Life” serves as a strong debut for Marlon Money, establishing him as a talented and promising voice in the world of G-Funk and West Coast hip-hop.



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