Mari4L – Trippy Statement 2


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1 Get Paid 02:34
2 Run It Up (TripMix) 02:49
Featuring – Sonnie
3 Lick 03:17
4 Fourty 02:00
Featuring – Sonnie, Gudda
5 Break The Bank 02:53
Featuring – Mbk Gee
6 Money Talk 03:16
Featuring – Lil Sargent
7 I Don’t Know 04:21
Featuring – Remedy


“Trippy Statement 2” is a captivating project by Oakland, California-based rapper Mari4L. Released on December 3, 2017, by Trip Mode Records, this EP showcases Mari4L’s unique style and impressive wordplay, blending elements of West Coast hip-hop with a modern, trippy sound that’s all his own.

Across its 7 tracks, “Trippy Statement 2” delivers a range of beats and themes, offering something for every hip-hop fan. The EP kicks off with “Get Paid,” an energetic anthem that highlights Mari4L’s ambition and drive. “Run It Up (TripMix)” follows, featuring fellow artist Sonnie and adding another layer of depth to the project.

“Lick” maintains the EP’s momentum with its catchy beat and engaging narrative, while “Fourty” brings in Sonnie and Gudda for a collaborative track that showcases the chemistry between the artists. “Break The Bank,” featuring Mbk Gee, adds to the project’s diverse sound with its heavy bass and memorable hook.

“Money Talk,” a standout track featuring Lil Sargent, demonstrates Mari4L’s ability to create infectious, radio-ready hits. The EP concludes with “I Don’t Know,” a more introspective track featuring Remedy that offers a glimpse into Mari4L’s personal experiences and emotions.

“Trippy Statement 2” is a well-rounded project that highlights Mari4L’s versatility as an artist. With its blend of West Coast influences, contemporary sound, and engaging storytelling, this EP is a must-listen for fans of innovative and authentic hip-hop.



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