Mani Coolin – Here 4 Me Only


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1 Stick To The Script 01:43
2 In God We Trust 04:10
3 Smokin’ Reggie 04:00
Featuring – Two Time
4 No L’s 03:27
Featuring – Two Time
5 Relate 03:59
Featuring – Niko G4
6 Black Hearts 04:15
7 Weezy 02:29
Featuring – KingxRiko
8 Monopoly 03:08
9 Paper Chasin’ 04:02
10 For Free 05:02
11 Up’s & Down’s 03:15
12 Star 03:19
Featuring – League
13 Round My Way 02:33
14 Outro (Long Live Sean Mackk) 02:53


“Here 4 Me Only” is a captivating project by Los Angeles-based rapper Mani Coolin, released on October 23, 2018, by Only Records. Featuring collaborations with Two Time, Niko G4, KingxRiko, and League, the album showcases Mani Coolin’s introspective lyricism, versatile flow, and ability to create a cohesive body of work.

The album begins with “Stick To The Script,” setting the tone for the project with its powerful message and smooth production. This leads into “In God We Trust,” where Mani Coolin reflects on his faith and the importance of trust in his life.

“Smokin’ Reggie” and “No L’s” feature Two Time, adding a layer of chemistry and variety to the project. These tracks highlight Mani Coolin’s ability to create memorable hooks and collaborate with other artists seamlessly.

On “Relate,” Mani Coolin teams up with Niko G4 to deliver a relatable anthem that speaks to the struggles and successes of life, showcasing their unique rap styles and complementary verses.

“Black Hearts” is an introspective track that dives deep into Mani Coolin’s thoughts and emotions, while “Weezy,” featuring KingxRiko, brings a fresh and upbeat energy to the album.

“Monopoly,” “Paper Chasin’,” and “For Free” keep the momentum going with catchy hooks and infectious beats, proving Mani Coolin’s versatility as an artist.

“Up’s & Down’s” provides a glimpse into the rapper’s life, detailing the highs and lows he has experienced, followed by “Star,” featuring League, which showcases Mani Coolin’s aspirations and drive to succeed in the music industry.

“Round My Way” is a nod to Mani Coolin’s roots, celebrating the Los Angeles hip-hop scene and the rapper’s journey thus far. The album concludes with the heartfelt “Outro (Long Live Sean Mackk),” paying tribute to the late Sean Mackk and bringing the project to a poignant close.



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