Madface – Black Attracts Heat


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1 Lights Off – Intro 00:29
2 Comin’ Real 03:09
3 Tomorrow 03:40
4 Feel The Madness 04:04
5 Niggas That Live By The Trigga 04:24
6 MadFace & MadFacts 04:49
7 Struggle & Strive 03:23
8 Lettin’ Loose 02:02
9 Black Attracts Heat 04:03
10 Terrible Tay 03:14
11 Tryin’ To Get By 05:25
12 Feel The Madness (Remix) 04:20
13 Who’s Fuckin’ Who
14 Memory Of R.I.P. 06:17
15 Turn On The Lights – Outro 00:20


“Black Attracts Heat” is the only studio album by Madface, a rapper hailing from Milpitas, California. Released on January 25, 1996, under Cornfield Records, this project showcases Madface’s distinctive style and lyricism that embodies the gangsta rap genre of the ’90s.

The album kicks off with “Lights Off – Intro,” a brief yet captivating introduction to set the mood for the 15-track project. “Comin’ Real” follows, asserting Madface’s authenticity as an artist and his commitment to delivering genuine storytelling. The third track, “Tomorrow,” touches on the uncertainties of the future and the challenges faced in everyday life.

“Feel The Madness” delves into the chaotic nature of the streets and the rapper’s experiences navigating through them. “Niggas That Live By The Trigga” continues this theme, exploring the dangerous and often deadly consequences of street life. On “MadFace & MadFacts,” Madface shares his perspectives and experiences, cementing his identity as a raw and honest artist.

“Struggle & Strive” serves as a motivational anthem, highlighting the importance of perseverance in the face of adversity. “Lettin’ Loose” showcases Madface’s ability to create a high-energy track that’s sure to get listeners moving. The album’s title track, “Black Attracts Heat,” delves deeper into the experiences and challenges faced by those living in marginalized communities, emphasizing the systemic issues that contribute to the struggles they endure.

“Terrible Tay” is a hard-hitting track that showcases Madface’s lyrical prowess, while “Tryin’ To Get By” offers a more introspective look at the rapper’s personal struggles and the realities of life in the streets. “Feel The Madness [Remix]” adds a fresh spin to the earlier track, demonstrating Madface’s versatility as an artist.

“Who’s Fuckin’ Who” is a provocative and hard-hitting track that delves into the complexities of relationships and the manipulative aspects that can arise within them. “Memory Of R.I.P.” is a heartfelt tribute to the friends and loved ones Madface has lost over the years, sharing his pain and grief through candid storytelling. The album concludes with “Turn On The Lights – Outro,” a brief but fitting conclusion that wraps up the project.

“Black Attracts Heat” offers listeners a raw and unfiltered look into Madface’s world, showcasing his talents as a lyricist and storyteller while exploring themes of survival, struggle, and resilience.



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