Mackadelics – Power Of A Playa


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1 Power Of A Playa (Radio Edit) 04:17
2 Power Of A Playa (Original Album Version) 03:58
3 Power Of A Playa (Club Edit) 06:55
4 Power Of A Playa (Acappella) 03:53
5 Power Of A Playa (Club Instrumental) 06:58


“Power Of A Playa” is a maxi-single by the rap group Mackadelics, originating from Compton, California. Released in 1997 by Black Jam, this German pressing showcases the group’s gangsta rap style and highlights their musical prowess.

The maxi-single contains five versions of the track “Power Of A Playa,” allowing listeners to experience the song in different ways. The radio edit, original album version, club edit, acappella, and club instrumental versions each offer a unique perspective on the group’s catchy and powerful song.

Produced by DJ Aladdin, a renowned producer within the hip-hop community, the single demonstrates the group’s ability to create an engaging track with a strong beat and memorable lyrics. The various remixes on this maxi-single, including those by Peter Hoff, highlight the versatility of the song and its potential to appeal to a wide audience across different settings, from radio play to club nights.

“Power Of A Playa” is a testament to Mackadelics’ talent in the world of gangsta rap and their ability to create a track that resonates with fans of the genre. Although it is a single release, the various versions on this maxi-single ensure that the listener is provided with a comprehensive and enjoyable experience.



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