Mack 10 – Ghetto Gutter & Gangsta


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1 Mack 10 Intro 00:07
2 Westside Connection Lights Out 03:27
Featuring – Knoc Turnal
3 K-Mac K To The M.A.C. 03:36
4 Da Hood Please Believe It 04:04
Featuring – Money Grip
5 Hoo Bangin Gangstas Get Yo Ride On 03:51
6 Da Hood Promise To Be A Hustla 04:20
7 B-Brazy Figaro Rida 03:57
8 Young Hoggs Aint Got A Penny To Give 03:45
9 Mack 10 The Big Bang Theory (Insert) 01:27
10 Reservoir Dogs S.O.O. W.O.O Remix 04:36
Featuring – Mack 10
11 Fat Joe, Damizza, Mack 10 Dirt 04:07
12 Young Hoggs Gather ‘Round 03:54
13 Young Hoggs Gangsta 04:04
Featuring – Money Grip, Young Tre
14 Young Hoggs The Weed Song 05:09
Featuring – Skoop, Devi
15 Da Hood Look At Us Now 03:42
Featuring – Butch Cassady
16 Young Hoggs Live Wire 03:19
17 Reservoir Dogs Page 1 03:48
18 E-40 Double Fisted 03:46
Featuring – The Mossie
19 Turf Talk In The Heart Of The Ghetto 04:29
20 J-Man Rule The World 03:42
21 Mack 10 Outro 00:14


“Ghetto Gutter & Gangsta” is a compilation album by the renowned rapper Mack 10 from Inglewood, California. Released on July 22, 2003, by Bungalo Records and Hoo Bangin’ Records, this compilation showcases the distinct Gangsta and Funk styles that have become synonymous with West Coast hip-hop.

The album features an array of talented artists and collaborations, including Westside Connection with Knoc Turnal on the track “Lights Out,” as well as appearances by K-Mac, Da Hood, Money Grip, Hoo Bangin Gangstas, B-Brazy, Young Hoggs, Reservoir Dogs, Fat Joe, Damizza, E-40, The Mossie, Turf Talk, and J-Man. With a total of 21 tracks, the album covers a diverse range of themes and sounds, reflecting the rich musical landscape of Inglewood and the West Coast.

“Ghetto Gutter & Gangsta” opens with a brief intro by Mack 10, setting the stage for a series of hard-hitting tracks like “K To The M.A.C.” by K-Mac and “Please Believe It” by Da Hood featuring Money Grip. The album also includes introspective songs like “Promise To Be A Hustla” by Da Hood and “Aint Got A Penny To Give” by Young Hoggs.

Collaborative tracks such as “S.O.O. W.O.O Remix” by Reservoir Dogs featuring Mack 10, “Dirt” by Fat Joe, Damizza, and Mack 10, and “Double Fisted” by E-40 featuring The Mossie showcase the camaraderie and chemistry between these talented artists. The album concludes with an outro by Mack 10, bringing the compilation full circle.

“Ghetto Gutter & Gangsta” is a testament to the enduring legacy and influence of Mack 10 and his West Coast contemporaries, offering a dynamic and engaging listening experience for fans of hip-hop.



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