Maagic – Takin Risks And Passin


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1 Go Getta 01:52
2 With Me 03:08
3 Bottles On Me 02:59
4 How Im Gone Eat 03:55
Featuring – Killa Nine, Chiief
5 Trippin 03:31
Featuring – Compton Av
6 In My Face 03:46
Featuring – Dice, Tee Stone
7 Im On It 03:30
Featuring – Misfit
8 All Night 02:58
9 Drink The Whole Bottle 04:13
Featuring – Hefty, Tee Stone, Turdle, Uno
10 My Niggaz 02:50
Featuring – Flexxin Ass Lefty
11 Now You Kno 03:37
Featuring – Bleustrips
12 Streets Don’t Love Nobody 02:42
13 Sacrifice 02:17
Featuring – DC
14 No Breaks 03:05
15 Like Me 02:13
Featuring – Spade
16 She Get Around 04:58
Featuring – Quest, Chaos, Prezi, Juice


“Takin Risks And Passin” is a compelling project by Compton, California rapper Maagic, released on August 16, 2017, under the Jankiies label. The album features a star-studded lineup of guest artists, including Killa Nine, Chiief, Compton Av, Dice, Tee Stone, Misfit, Hefty, Turdle, Uno, Flexxin Ass Lefty, Bleustrips, DC, Spade, Quest, Chaos, Prezi, and Juice.

Maagic kicks off the album with “Go Getta,” a high-energy track showcasing his lyrical prowess and setting the tone for the rest of the project. “With Me” and “Bottles On Me” continue the momentum, with catchy hooks and smooth beats that are sure to keep listeners engaged.

“How Im Gone Eat,” featuring Killa Nine and Chiief, introduces a grittier, more aggressive sound, while “Trippin” with Compton Av adds a west coast flavor to the mix. Maagic continues to flex his versatility on tracks like “In My Face,” featuring Dice and Tee Stone, and “Im On It,” with Misfit.

The album takes a turn with “All Night,” diving into more introspective themes. “Drink The Whole Bottle,” featuring an ensemble of Hefty, Tee Stone, Turdle, and Uno, brings the party back before “My Niggaz” with Flexxin Ass Lefty and “Now You Kno” featuring Bleustrips maintain the energy.

“Streets Don’t Love Nobody” and “Sacrifice” featuring DC showcase Maagic’s storytelling abilities, while “No Breaks” and “Like Me” with Spade keep the momentum going. The album closes strong with “She Get Around,” a collaboration with Quest, Chaos, Prezi, and Juice that leaves a lasting impression.

Overall, “Takin Risks And Passin” is a well-rounded album that highlights Maagic’s talent and adaptability, making it a must-listen for fans of west coast hip-hop.



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