M.O.E Reese – Don’t Stop


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1 Don’t Stop 02:32
2 Slide (Freestyle) 01:52
3 Silver Surfer 02:55
Featuring – RBC Bugzy
4 Green Express 01:38
5 Ship Yard 01:52
6 Jesus Piece 02:00
7 Thank You 00:58


“Don’t Stop” is a high-energy mixtape by Richmond, California-based rapper M.O.E Reese, released on April 26, 2019, by FST Records. This project features seven tracks that showcase M.O.E Reese’s distinctive flow and engaging lyricism, making it a must-listen for fans of authentic West Coast hip-hop.

The mixtape kicks off with the title track, “Don’t Stop,” setting the tone for the project with its pulsating beat and Reese’s captivating delivery. The momentum continues with “Slide (Freestyle),” a track highlighting the rapper’s freestyling skills and ability to create catchy hooks.

“Silver Surfer,” featuring RBC Bugzy, showcases the chemistry between the two artists as they trade verses over a hypnotic beat. The mixtape moves forward with “Green Express,” a track that captures M.O.E Reese’s West Coast roots with its laid-back vibe and smooth production.

“Ship Yard” and “Jesus Piece” further demonstrate Reese’s versatility as an artist, blending introspective lyrics with infectious beats. The mixtape concludes with “Thank You,” a heartfelt track expressing gratitude for the support and opportunities that have come his way.

“Don’t Stop” is a testament to M.O.E Reese’s talent as a rapper and his ability to create a cohesive and engaging project that will resonate with fans of West Coast hip-hop.



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