M.C. Ant – M.C. Ant The Great

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1 Robocop 03:09
2 2 Gether 4 Ever 04:40
3 It’s My Turn 04:05
4 Late Nite Tweek 04:26
5 Dance Floor 03:13
6 M.C. Posse 05:23
7 M.C. Ant The Great 04:27
8 Rock The House 03:43
9 Miscellaneous 03:07
10 Time To Get Hype 03:23
11 One More Time 04:05


“M.C. Ant The Great” is the debut self-titled album by the Oakland, California rapper, released in 1988 under Raw Dog Records. This cassette album showcases the talents of the late Anthony Jerel Thomas and his unique style within the hip-hop genre.

The album opens with “Robocop,” a track that immediately grabs the listener’s attention with its catchy beat and inventive lyrics. “2 Gether 4 Ever” follows, offering a more melodic and heartfelt approach, demonstrating M.C. Ant’s versatility as an artist. “It’s My Turn” comes next, providing an upbeat, energetic track that showcases Ant’s confident flow.

“Late Nite Tweek” delves into the darker side of life, with its haunting beat and introspective lyrics. “Dance Floor” changes the pace, delivering an infectious party anthem that is sure to get listeners moving. “M.C. Posse” features a posse cut with a powerful beat, highlighting M.C. Ant’s ability to collaborate with other artists.

The album’s second half starts with the titular track, “M.C. Ant The Great,” a bold declaration of the rapper’s skills and ambition. “Rock The House” is a high-energy track that encourages listeners to get up and dance. “Miscellaneous” offers a more experimental approach, with a mix of diverse sounds and lyrics.

“Time To Get Hype” brings the energy back up, motivating listeners to get excited and embrace the moment. The album concludes with “One More Time,” a strong closer that encapsulates M.C. Ant’s talent and leaves a lasting impression.

“M.C. Ant The Great” serves as a testament to the late rapper’s undeniable talent, showcasing his versatility and unique style in the hip-hop landscape of the late ’80s. Though his life was tragically cut short, this album ensures that M.C. Ant’s music and legacy will continue to resonate with fans.

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