Lil’ Wyno – Step Into My World


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1 N-Tro 01:51
2 City Streetz 04:39
3 To My Niggaz 05:56
4 That Wuz Then 03:32
Featuring – Dub, Mr. Kee
5 Shitz Hard 03:58
6 Step Into My World 04:14
7 A Few Good Men 04:13
Featuring – Dub, Mr. Kee
8 Gotta Be A Enemy 03:09
9 N-Terlude 00:47
10 See Wut Hap’nd 03:34
11 Murderz My N-Tension 04:15
Featuring – Mickey D, Negative 1, Never
12 Suicidal Questionz (Remix) 04:01
13 G.H.E. Killa 04:21
14 Valley Of Tha Gun 03:52
Featuring – Kracc, Never
15 Speakin 4 Myself 04:40
16 West Coast 03:15
Featuring – Duke Shiesty, Mr. Kee


“Step Into My World” is the debut solo album by rapper Lil’ Wyno of the Lowdown group, hailing from Merced, California. Released in 1999 by Federal Recordz, the album features 16 tracks that exemplify the Gangsta rap style that Lil’ Wyno is known for. From the raw lyrics to the hard-hitting beats, this album invites listeners to step into the world of Lil’ Wyno and experience his unique perspective.

The album begins with the “N-Tro,” setting the stage for the gritty journey ahead. “City Streetz” paints a vivid picture of life on the streets of Merced, while “To My Niggaz” serves as a tribute to Wyno’s close friends and allies. “That Wuz Then…,” featuring and written by Dub and Mr. Kee, showcases Wyno’s ability to collaborate with other artists and create memorable tracks.

“Shitz Hard” further highlights the struggles and challenges faced by Lil’ Wyno, leading into the album’s title track, “Step Into My World.” “A Few Good Men,” featuring Dub and Mr. Kee, emphasizes the importance of loyalty and brotherhood in Wyno’s life. The introspective ” Gotta Be A Enemy” explores the concept of facing adversaries, while “N-Terlude,” written and performed by Mr. Kee, serves as a brief intermission before diving back into the album’s narrative.

“See Wut Hap’nd” continues the storytelling, followed by “Murder’z My N-Tension,” which features Mickey D., Negative 1, and Never, adding more depth and versatility to the album. The remixed version of “Suicidal Questionz” brings a fresh perspective to the track, while “G.H.E. Killa” emphasizes Lil’ Wyno’s commitment to the gangsta rap genre.

“Valley Of Tha Gun,” featuring and written by Kracc and Never, explores the darker side of street life, leading into “Speakin’ 4 Myself,” which highlights Wyno’s individuality and determination. The album concludes with “West Coast,” a collaboration with Duke Shiesty and Mr. Kee that pays homage to the region that has shaped Lil’ Wyno’s sound and identity.

The album’s production, engineering, keyboards, drum programming, composition, design, and layout were handled by Dub, while Michael M. Rinks served as the executive producer. Justin Weis mastered the album, with photography by Chris Lyall and Dub. “Step Into My World” was recorded and mixed at Black Light Studios and mastered at Trakworx.



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