Lil’ Wyno – Back With A Vengeance


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1 Criminal Behaviour 03:45
2 High ‘N’ Gone 05:20
3 5 Figga Nigga 04:41
4 Pond Fulla Covicts 04:31
Featuring – Young Droop, Never
5 Marked 4 Death 04:08
Featuring – A.L.G., Young Myth
6 M-Town Minorty 03:04
7 U Just Don’t Know 02:45
8 Smoke Session 06:29
Featuring – Never, Young Myth
9 Back With A Vengeance 04:21
10 4 Dat Scrill 04:43
Featuring – Shari Mendiola
11 Respectin The Game 04:41
12 I Don’t Need 04:07
13 14 Years Ago 03:54
Featuring – Never
14 Message 4 Freedom 03:56
15 The Mighty Dolla 04:14
Featuring – Kracc
16 Throw Ya Letta 07:47
Featuring – Hurrikane J, Young Myth, A.L.G., Mickey D, Kaoz The Assassin, Young Droop, D.J
17 Betta Axe Somebody 01:30


“Back With A Vengeance” is the second solo album by Lil’ Wyno, a member of the Lowdown rap group hailing from Merced, California. Released on February 27, 2001, by Dogday Records, this album showcases Lil’ Wyno’s talent in the gangsta rap genre. The album features 17 tracks that take the listener on a journey through the rapper’s life experiences and the gritty streets of California.

The album kicks off with “Criminal Behaviour,” setting the tone for the rest of the project. The hard-hitting beat and vivid storytelling bring listeners into the world of Lil’ Wyno. Songs like “High ‘N’ Gone” and “5 Figga Nigga” showcase Wyno’s lyrical prowess and ability to create catchy hooks.

“Pond Fulla Convicts” features fellow rapper Young Droop, adding a new dimension to the track, while “Marked 4 Death” sees A.L.G. lend his vocals to the mix. As the album progresses, “M-Town Minority” pays homage to Merced and its diverse population, and “U Just Don’t Know” demonstrates Wyno’s introspective side.

“Smoke Session” serves as a laid-back interlude before the album’s title track, “Back With A Vengeance,” which brings the energy back up. “4 Dat Scrill,” featuring Shari Mendiola, highlights Lil Wyno’s versatility as he switches up his flow and delves into a more melodic sound. “Respectin The Game,” produced by D.J. MT, maintains the album’s momentum with its catchy beat and hard-hitting lyrics.

“I Don’t Need” showcases Lil’ Wyno’s independence, while “14 Years Ago” offers a glimpse into the rapper’s past and how it has shaped his present. “Message 4 Freedom,” produced by J-Loc, adds a thought-provoking aspect to the album as it touches on societal issues.

“The Mighty Dolla,” featuring Kracc, explores the influence of money in life, and “Throw Ya Letta” is a massive collaboration with A.L.G., Baby Rico, Brotha Zo, Cadillac Todd, D.J. MT, Hurrikaine J, Kaos The Assassin, Konflikt, Kracc, Lil Loco, M-Double, Mickey D, NC The Necro, P-Dise, Skarface, Speedy Locs, Stone Cold, and Young Droop, showcasing the unity and strength in numbers within the rap community. The album concludes with “Betta Axe Somebody,” produced by Hurrikaine J, leaving listeners wanting more.

The album’s design and layout are by Danja, with executive production credits going to Alex “Never” Zabel, Chris, and Jo. The album was recorded and mixed by Big Vic and Never, with photography by Marta I. Dias.



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