Lil Slugg – Louievill Slugga


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1 Choppaboy 02:24
2 From Da Bottom 02:59
3 These Blues 02:41
Featuring – Payro, Lil Tae, Moriches
4 Slugga Poppin 02:21
5 Throwin It Back 02:27
Featuring – Black Booduh
6 Paperwork 03:01
7 Fightin Demons 04:14
8 It’s A Struggle 02:58
Featuring – #Dre
9 She On Me 03:19
10 Let Me Know 03:05
11 Right Now 02:52
Featuring – Moriches
12 Let’s Talk 02:48
Featuring – ScottieNoPippen
13 Change A Nigga 03:15
Featuring – Black Booduh
14 22 03:24
15 Choppaboy 2 02:06


“Louievill Slugga” is a captivating project by Hayward, California rapper Lil Slugg, released on May 12, 2017, through Get It In Ent LLC. The album demonstrates Lil Slugg’s dynamic flow and storytelling abilities, with guest features by Payro, Lil Tae, Moriches, Black Booduh, #Dre, and ScottieNoPippen.

The album opens with “Choppaboy,” setting the tone with its energetic beat and confident lyrics. “From Da Bottom” follows with a grittier sound, reflecting on the challenges faced growing up. “These Blues,” featuring Payro, Lil Tae, and Moriches, delivers a soulful and introspective track that delves into life’s hardships.

“Slugga Poppin” brings the energy back up with a catchy hook, while “Throwin It Back,” featuring Black Booduh, adds a touch of smooth R&B vibes to the mix. “Paperwork” keeps the momentum going with its driving beat and assertive lyrics.

“Fightin Demons” takes a darker turn, exploring personal battles and the struggle for inner peace. “It’s A Struggle,” featuring #Dre, continues this theme, with both artists sharing their experiences in overcoming adversity. “She On Me” switches gears with a sultry, laid-back track that showcases Lil Slugg’s versatility.

“Let Me Know” and “Right Now,” featuring Moriches, deliver more of Lil Slugg’s signature storytelling, while “Let’s Talk,” featuring ScottieNoPippen, offers a compelling collaboration with introspective bars from both artists. “Change A Nigga,” featuring Black Booduh, dives into the concept of personal transformation and growth.

The album concludes with “22,” a reflective track that speaks to resilience and determination, and “Choppaboy 2,” a fitting end to the project, bringing everything full circle.

“Louievill Slugga” is a powerful and authentic album that showcases Lil Slugg’s unique voice in the rap game, making it a must-listen for fans of West Coast hip-hop.



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