Lil Sic – The West Is Back


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1 Intro 01:18
2 West Is Back 04:12
Featuring – Roscoe
3 You Don’t Want No Funk 03:46
Featuring – A.L.T.
4 I Wanna See You Bounce 03:21
Featuring – Fingazz
5 I’ll Always Be There 03:52
6 Lowrider Girl 04:09
7 Skit 00:14
8 Southeast Rider’s 03:50
Featuring – Stomper
9 When I’m Away 05:06
10 Ride With Us 04:34
Featuring – Bad Azz
11 Step In The Club 03:58
12 Lil Mama 04:02
Featuring – Fingazz
13 Steady Pimpin 03:08
Featuring – Stomper
14 Runnin The Game 03:29
Featuring – Mr. Capone-E
15 Hi Power Mega Mix 03:11


“The West Is Back” is a captivating album by Los Angeles rapper Lil Sic, released on October 24, 2006, by B-Dub Records. This album is a powerful testament to the resilience of West Coast hip-hop and showcases Lil Sic’s exceptional talent and passion for the genre.

Spanning 15 tracks, “The West Is Back” features a stellar lineup of guest appearances, including Roscoe, A.L.T., Fingazz, Stomper, Bad Azz, and Mr. Capone-E. These collaborations add depth and dimension to the album, resulting in an engaging listening experience that is both authentic and versatile.

The album kicks off with a bold statement in the form of the title track “West Is Back,” featuring Roscoe. This song sets the stage for the rest of the album, asserting the continued relevance and influence of West Coast hip-hop. “You Don’t Want No Funk” featuring A.L.T. and “I Wanna See You Bounce” featuring Fingazz follow suit, offering energetic tracks that are sure to get listeners moving.

As the album progresses, Lil Sic demonstrates his versatility as an artist, with tracks like “I’ll Always Be There” and “Lowrider Girl” showcasing a more sentimental side to his music. The collaborations with Stomper on “Southeast Rider’s” and “Steady Pimpin” further emphasize Lil Sic’s ability to adapt to different styles and sounds, while “Runnin The Game” featuring Mr. Capone-E highlights his prowess as a lyricist.

The album concludes with the “Hi Power Mega Mix,” a thrilling compilation of some of the best moments from the album, leaving listeners craving more of Lil Sic’s unique brand of West Coast hip-hop.

“The West Is Back” is an outstanding representation of Lil Sic’s talent and a love letter to West Coast hip-hop, making it a must-listen for fans of the genre.



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